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A Kinect Shooter?! (And it’s not “Kinectimals: Hunting Time”)


One of the biggest issues with Kinect so far is that very few games (Child of Eden springs to mind) have done anything with the technology, instead the large majority of innovation we have seen has been in “Kinect hacks”. Microsoft has repeatedly insisted that this is “the future of gaming” and a lot of other sources have agreed that it is the future – of something, but whether it’s gaming is still to be seen.

That’s why when I saw a demo of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier where they not only used the Kinect intelligently and innovatively but also managed to get some controller-less First Person Shooter action on it – I was pretty damn impressed.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be the fourth instalment in the Ghost Recon series (excluding expansions) and is trying to break away from the typical war shooter that is taking precedence these days (*cough* Black Ops *cough*) by presenting a futuristic angle on modern soldier combat (so that's why it has “future” in the title). This involves giving the soldiers a cloaking system much like the one in Crysis 2 and controlling soldiers in third person for the majority of the game.

The trailer below, which shows off the weapon customization system (using Kinect), blew me away. From watching the guy presenting it call out things like “Randomize”, “Optimize for Range” or “Baby-Killer Mode” and seeing the gun reassemble itself (ok, there was no Baby-killer mode) to the actual controller-less gameplay of the shooter, it really reinvested my faith in Kinect as product.

That being said, this game is still  the better part of a year off being released. People are already complaining that the hand gestures look silly (but you wouldn’t buy a Kinect if you didn’t want to look silly) and Ubisoft is already talking about nerfing the stealth system. In short, who knows if the end result will look as good as things do in this trailer.

But for now, this trailer looks awesome. Take a look.

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