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A Whole New Generation of Ninjas Are Now Available


That's right, for anime fans, fighting fans and fans of good games there is a brand new 70$ distraction in town and it's name is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations.

Which, when you think about it, is really way too long a name for anything that doesn't have SS. in front of it and isn't a battleship.

Ridiculously long name aside, the Ninja Storm franchise has done one thing many people thought was impossible and they have done it consistently: Make a game based off an anime that is actually good. I mean sure, the cutscenes may be a little self indulgent at times and yes, the english voice actors are ridiculously awful (Believe it!) but overlooking these tiny factors you still have a game with a pretty solid engine, great graphics and addictive gameplay.

So why is it called Generations? Well this latest installment is a half sequel, half prequel - mixing ninjas from the early Naruto anime series and the later Naruto Shippuden. This means that the roster gets expanded from the 35 characters or so in the last game.

How expanded you ask? How does 72 playable characters and 12 support only sound?

Ridiculous. It sounds ridiculous. And yet that's the total we have to work with for extensively cast anime fighter.

Gameplay wise, the gameplay is easy to pick up and seemingly shallow. Or so you will tell yourself before you head online and discover a community born to crush souls. Yes, weakness isn't tolerated in this den of snakes that I call home - in fact it's exploited mercilessly. That being said, if you can brush up your skills to a passable level, you will find a community as serious about Ninja Storm as Tekken fans are about their franchise. It gets pretty damn competitive.

All in all, I personally find this fighter to be right up my alley. There are no massive combos to memorise so the game becomes about balance and timing instead. Sound easier?

Well it isn't. Try it and find out for yourself.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations went on sale this week, and if you aren't sold on it yet then check out the trailer below.

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