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About Us

Welcome to GamePlayer! The only blog written by gamers for gamers! (yeah, right)

No but seriously, GamePlayer was created to bring a fresh(ish) perspective on the gaming world with reviews, opinions and new about games new and old. We might not claim to be the best blog around and we don't necessarily have a degree in journalism. What we do have is first-hand experience playing a lot of games every day of every week for as long back as we can remember.
To some that might not be enough experience to write about games, and to those people I warmly say "Here is the door.".
If you are looking for New York Times quality, then read the New York Times.
GamePlayer is here to have some fun, share some ideas and play some great games.

About the Editor

I considered writing this in Third Person but lets face it, I'm pretentious enough already. My name is Ruari Moran and I work as a copywriter/web developer. For as long as I can remember life has been split into two things: The necessary things I have to do to get through the day (School, Job, Uni, Girlfriend) and gaming.
I've done a bit of work in mmo game development and I have a BCA in Creative Writing but at the end of the day I'm just your average gamer. I've never won a tournament and I'm not ranked in the top 10 in the world for anything. But I do have opinions and I do like to write about them. Also I buy a lot of games.

So if you read anything I write and disagree - tell me. I'm often wrong. If you read anything I wrote and say to yourself "Man, I could do a better job than this assclown" then do it. I'm always looking for contributers, especially if they are better at this than I am.

Anyway if you read this far then I'm impressed. Welcome to GamePlayer and I hope you find something you like, find helpful or hate (in a good way) while you're here.

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