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App Review: iFruit GTA V App

GTAV girl with iFruit phone

So as most people who have picked up Grand Theft Auto V have already worked out, there is a neat companion app which has launched on both iOS and Android for a bit of extra content and in-game customisation while you’re on the go.

After a bit of a shaky launch (which left Android users a bit behind and more than a little annoyed) the app has been patched to a more or less functional state and people can finally explore a little piece of Los Santos on their mobile device – but how much bang are you really getting for your buck*?

*Said buck is metaphorical as the app in question is available for free.

Well the app offers a user interface which, like the name, is a blatant satire of Apple’s iPhone set up. It has several imitation-apps for you to explore, most of which are just links to various media Rockstar has set up to promote its game titles or social network.

The total list of apps available through the iFruit is: LS Customs, Chop The Dog, Settings, GTAV, LifeInvader, Social Club, Store, GTA II and Vice City.

And of that list, after excluding Store and Settings which are pretty self-explanatory, the apps which offer any actual value (for your time if not your money) are LS Customs and Chop The Dog (with an honourable mention to LifeInvader, which is amusing for a few seconds as an imitation Facebook).

So what exactly do LS Customs and Chop The Dog have to offer? Let’s take a closer look.

LS Customs

GTAV LS Customs logoHere is the meat of the app, an on-the-phone car customization service which allows you to fully customize a vehicle for each of GTA V’s protagonists – and then have the car you designed waiting for you in the garage when you log into the game on your console of choice.

Obviously, this is pretty nifty.

I mean sure, the interface could use a little work and the customization isn’t quite as extensive as I might like but for better or for worse this app-inside-an-app does what the label says – and that alone is a step further than most of what you get from the appstore these days.

Now if only we could get around pesky things like the exorbitant prices of said customization and the fact that I’m rarely at my garage when I do eventually log into the game maybe I’d be using this a lot more often…

Chop The Dog

franklin's dog chop in gta v

This is less of a “handy addition” and more of a “light-hearted random weird thing to have access to” but maybe that works in its favour.

Essentially this app allows you to modify the behaviours (and to some extent, the design) of Franklin’s in-game pet, Chops. It does this by creating a cartoon version of Chops which lives on your mobile device – basically a poor man’s Tamagotchi (or for anyone with taste, Digimon).

Now while the behaviours, seen in teaching Chops new tricks, are well thought out and fairly easy to get a grip on – realistically I have to say, unless you are some kind of crazy animal enthusiast, you don’t encounter Chops in the game extremely often and it would be pretty rare that this kind of thing would be time worthy from a strictly gameplay point of view.

Of course since most activity on mobile devices is motivated by the need to waste time, this isn’t necessarily a point against the app. Just something I thought I’d mention while we were here.

You can also buy Chops a new collar from a range of options which will be reflected in game, which is probably the most significant in-game change you are likely to see from this app.

All up the iFruit app delivers solid value for money (which, once again, you don’t have to pay to gain access to it). Even if you only use it to mess around taking Chops on a walk in one of the minigames or making a custom ride you will use for 40 seconds before slamming it face first into an SUV – that’s probably a lot more mileage than your other mobile apps are getting you, and a lot more than any other game app I’ve experienced.

I’d probably give it something like 4 stars (although I’m usually pretty generous when someone gives me bonus content completely for free).

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