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Bioshock Trailer Gets Swinging with a New Trailer… If Only It Was Swinging Into Stores


Sometimes games give you so much information that you feel like they are right on your doorstop, already sitting in your disc tray or even (god forbid) that you have already played them. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any glaring examples (The Old Republic) but my point is that while some people give you a ton of information right before launch, like Deus Ex, others prefer to stagger the information over a reasonable period of time.

Personally I think there is nothing reasonable about the amount of time Irrational Games has given us to look at the jaw-dropping gameplay from Bioshock: Infinite. Why? Because I want it now damn it. I mean honestly, do they expect me to watch content like the stuff we saw in the Bioshock: Infinite preview I ran and not want this game within the next few months? Let alone within this year?

But unfortunately, I’ll have to reiterate that Bioshock: Infinite doesn’t get released until sometime (I’m thinking Q1-Q2) next year.

Does that sting? Just a little bit? Don’t worry friends, it hurts me too. And at least we can partially console ourselves with this new trailer (which is partially made up of new content).

It comes fresh from the Tokyo Game Show (kind of like Japan’s E3) and even gives you a chance to see some of the cinematic gameplay we have experienced in the past in Japanese. Personally this confirmed for me that yes, Elizabeth is just as touching in any language.

Also there are some kick ass monorails. Because everyone loves monorails.

And Irrational Games, if you are out there: send me an early copy. I love you long time.

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