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Boxxy Art: Batman, Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars

Boxxy Art

First up: Who is that chick in the picture?

Well, across the last few weeks I've come across some of the box art for a few games which haven't quite released yet. Now for me, this was an awesome find. Maybe some people look at box art as spoilers ( if so then skip this article) but for me it had the desired effect of making me hard. And by hard I mean clenching my stomach muscles in anticipation (what did you think I meant?). But I never really had a place for box art on the site except for when I review games. So I decided to create a new segment to feature said box art.

But what would I call it? I mean (knowing me) it would have to have a pun in the title. And that’s when it hit me, Boxxy!

Now Boxxy is a bit of an internet phenomenon, she basically has a few YouTube videos where she acts very hyperactive and some people find it funny, others find it cute, others find it satisfies a deep and terrifying urge within them. Personally I’m just fascinated that a young American girl became an Internet meme so prolific. For more info you can check out this page.

Anyway, enough about my lame puns and onto the box art.

First up is a nice look at Batman: Arkham City, a little minimalistic but you still get the gritty feel that the series is famous for. I’m not sure if I like this better than the Arkham Asylum cover art but I like they went in a different direction with it.

Second is the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition art that I linked to Facebook earlier today. This one is an instant win for me, they managed to take the darker narrative tones which were present in the later Halo games and mix it with the original cover art to make something which kind of says “Remember me? Well I got awesomer.” (it’s a word, look it up).

Thirdly we have the Mass Effect 3 cover art. This stuff just looks badass. Personally it’s my favourite of all the Mass Effect game covers, especially because it implies the heavier melee combat focus that we have been promised. I mean, am I the only one who can’t wait to jam that orange blade into a smart-mouth Vorcha? I think not.

Finally we have the box art for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I definitely like that they kept it in the original Knights of the Old Republic style, but mixed it up with some new colour tones since it’s now a PC exclusive (I swear console games have brighter cover art to distract you from their awkward plastic cases).

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