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Clash in the Clouds and Getting Ready for Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

elizabeth from bioshock infinite

This week marks the debut of the first piece of story DLC for smash hit Bioshock Infinite and the first time the fans will be returning to the characters of Elizabeth and Booker since leaving them after the climactic (and mind blowing) conclusion of the original game.

Not spoiling anything, but the ending of the main story leaves things in a bit of a delicate place so the events of the DLC necessitate a change of scenery – this time returning to Rapture, from the first two Bioshock games, in an alternate reality where Booker and Elizabeth are a Detective and his customer (respectively) on the night that everything went to hell in Rapture (which is touched upon in the voice recordings in the original Bioshock).

Appealing to both new fans of the series, with the depictions of Elizabeth and Booker in this alternate timeline, and the old, with the Rapture setting, it sounds like a smart addition to the incredibly high quality main storyline of Bioshock Infinite – although we can only hope it lives up to the name.

Aside from story, if you have more of a flair for combat in Bioshock (theres no shame in it, it is a shooter after all despite what some reviewers might indicate) then you can check out the previous DLC Clash in the Clouds if you haven’t already. It might sound like a Naruto movie title but it actually hosts four different horde-style maps, where you face off against waves of increasingly difficulty enemies with whatever guns and plasmids you prefer.

With smart challenges and tight level design, Clash in the Clouds is a solid buy – even if you only do it to test out all the different plasmid combinations in an open sandbox. It even comes with its own museum with unlockable behind-the-scenes art and footage, as well as to-scale models of enemies like Songbird and the Handymen for you to peruse at your leisure.

All up the season pass for Bioshock Infinite seems to be serving up value for money, with purchasers of the original pass getting both of these pieces of DLC as well as a third which is in the pipeline for the low price of only $25. I mean, it’s not the best savings you will make on gaming, but still probably better value for money than one of the costume packs for Batman: Arkham Origins.

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