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Diablo 3 Release Date Officially May 15th; In Other News, Nerds Around the World Rejoice


That's right, an insider rumour which hit the forums earlier this week was strangely exempt from being condemned by Blizzard staff (including famed condemner Bashiok). The reason behind his proved to be it's accuracy, and as a result the rest of the gaming related internet seemed to explode with annoucement articles (not unlike this one).

Diablo 3, just in case there is anyone who hasn't heard of it, will be the third installament in the insanely popular Diablo series - one of the ways Blizzard Entertainment made money in the late 90's before they hit on their current cash cow of World of Warcraft (ofcourse, they did have the previous Warcraft games. And Starcraft. Yeah I guess they were pretty much as sorted then as they are now.).

Diablo 3 continues the story of the previous games. The heros who defeated the title character in Diablo 2 (the aptly named Diablo, Lord of Terror) have been driven insane by the evil they were forced to confront, and as a result the forces evil have grown strong once again. The lesser evils of Azmodan and Belial are after a mysterious and powerful artifact known as the Black Soulstone (which we can assume is a bad thing).

Diablo 2's classes have been updated and amalgamated resulting in 5 distinct classes. They are: the Witch Doctor, a shamanistic class which is reminiscent of the Necromancer of previous Diablo games; the Barbarian, the traditional heavy melee class; the Wizard, basically the same as a Sorceress from the previous game; and the Demon Hunter, a mid-range crossbow wielding class much like a mix of the Amazon and Assassin classes.

Another much talked about feature of Diablo 3 will be it's real-world currency Auction House. Allowing players to buy and sell items using real money is an innovative move, and one I'm personally sure has nothing to do with the 5% commission Blizzard will make on every transaction ensuring that the micro-transactions cover the amount of money they would traditionally make from monthly fees (which Diablo 3 doesn't have).

Regardless, it's shaping up to be a great game and by and large is the most anticipated game on the planet right now - so expect the next two months to be filled with relevant articles and the girlish squeals of gamers who believe May 15th is this year's Christmas.

Am I one of those gamers? I don't see how that's relevant.

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