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Diablo III Beta Footage Leaking Out; Hell has Terrible Plumbing

diablo leak

You can almost literally hear the screams from millions of Diablo III fans today as the closed Beta officially launches with Blizzard Entertainment inviting family and friends (so not you guys) to try out the game before the general public.

Did I say screams? I meant girlish screams of joy!

While it might not seem like such awesome news that there are people playing that game you want to play and they are doing it before you can – there is one pretty awesome result of Blizzard’s generosity: all the Beta footage you can drink (if you can drink it :S).

See usually when a game goes into Beta they make you sign an NDA (or Non-Disclosure Agreement) so that you won’t go blogging about how hard this quest was or how awesome you looked while you were shooting bullets mid-backflip on your demon hunter. But for a couple of reasons (including the numbers, the type of people invited and the fact that this is the way blizzard generally gets stuff done) there is no NDA so people are flocking to YouTube to broadcast themselves playing the game you wish you were playing!

Come on guys, let’s just be happy for them. Congratulations assholes!

Ok now that that’s over with, let’s look at some of the footage they have hosted to make ourselves feel better.

You can probably find more niche stuff (depending on what you are interested in, no I wasn’t talking about porn) just by typing Diablo III beta footage into YouTube (like I did) but this video shows all the classes in action and should probably wet – your appetite – for what else is to come.

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  1. Fluffy

    I'm going to need a new set of underpants

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