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DotA Clone News: League of Legends $5 Million Prize, DotA 2 Trailer

Tristana Cash

It seems like only yesterday that I was talking about Defense of the Ancients and the myriad of “inspired by”, “spiritual sequel” or “blatant ripoff” games that it has (inadvertently) produced.

Oh wait, that’s because it was yesterday. And yet here I am publishing another article about them.

Well, I’ve always been of the “If you can’t beat them…” mentality – so I figured instead of stressing about how often to post news relating to the various Dota Clones in existence, I should just make up a little segment so that when the related news to LoL, DotA, HoN and DotA 2 reaches boiling point I have a place to put it.

And DCN (or Dota Clone News) was born! Who knows if I’ll ever write this segment again, but it’s possible. I guess.

League of Legends announced yesterday that they will be offering a $5 Million Dollar Prize for the next PvP season of their game. For anyone who hasn’t played competitive gaming before, a season is a period of time in which they rate all your games and rank players – closing on a specific date and naming a winner.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you but, for a free-to-play game which boasts 1.7 million players a day, that is an inordinately huge stash of cash. Like, that is lottery winning money people. Not “you’ve been playing a lot of LoL lately” money.

To put it into perspective, World of Warcraft boasts somewhere between 4-8 million players a day and their last arena tournament had a grand prize of $200,000.

Which, if you are bad at math (like me), is about 1/25th of what League of Legends is offering. In fact, the prize money for the next season of League of Legendsmarks the highest prize ever offered in an e-sports (videogame) tournament

I’ll say it once more, in case you missed the point. That is a fuckload of money people.

Moving on.

Valve and Icefrog’s sequel to DotA, the aptly titled DotA 2, is following up the leak of their screenshots yesterday with a look at some DotA-inspired cinematics in their first official trailer.

It might not answer any questions you have about the game (unless your question is “What does Dragon Knight look like while hes transforming?” or “How much of a douche is the guy who runs the item shop?) but if you are a fan of the game then it has a 60% chance to get you pretty excited.

More details about DotA 2 will be announced at Gamescom, along with their tournament with a $1 million dollar prize. I mean, I know it’s not 5 million, but at least they are trying.

Here’s the trailer:

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