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DOTA Hero Spotlight: Doom


Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done a hero spotlight so I thought it was about time I go back to basics and show off some of my thoughts and opinions about a specific hero from DOTA – this time, obviously, Doom.

Doom is an interesting hero (well most are interesting, maybe I should say unique) and fits into the DOTA 2 metagame in a variety of ways. He is a great disabler, a solid carry and can prove to be a formidable tank if your team finds itself needing one. Above all of this he is a jungler without equal, not only being able to devour creeps for bonus gold (which is valuable at all levels) but gaining the abilities of neutral creeps that he eats permanently – at least until he devours a different type of neutral creep or a creature with a different ability.

That being said, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first.

Doom profile for Dota 2

Name: Doom
Primary Attribute:
Attack Type:
Devour, Scorched Earth, LVL? Death
Melee, Durable, Disabler, Nuker
Jungle or Side lane
Play Style:

Alright Captain Obvious report out of the way, lets jump right into abilities and how they should be used.

First up is the trickiest, Devour. Now obviously the best way to learn Devour is first learning every other neutral creeps abilities so you know exactly what you are eating (which isn’t a bad rule for life in general when you think about it). After some research you will probably find that the Alpha Wolf is the best choice, essentially giving you a Daedalus built in with a 30% increased damage aura. Hot. Runners up are things like Centaurs and Satyrs, mainly for their stuns, auras and manaburns (respectively).

Second skill is your bread and butter and probably makes up most of your mana useage, Scorched Earth. Scorched Earth seems like a mild to decent AoE DoT (area of effect damage over time) at first glance, but is actually your best tool for not only chasing but also escape and HP regen. Use it defensively often, offensively when you must and appropriately in team fights for the best results.

Third skill is a bit of a mixed bag. I usually power it up last (depending on whether I am jungling or not) but basically it does damage to an enemy hero and then bonus damage if their level is a certain multiplier (6/5/4/3). Basically if you play Doom the way I do you shouldn’t need the bonus damage when you are using this ability – although it’s always a nice bonus when it does do the full amount.

Doom’s Ultimate is head and shoulders his best ability, not only silencing and causing damage over time but also restricting a lot of passives and packing a massive duration. Be careful of enemy heroes denying their team mates, but mainly make sure you are silencing the right guy at the right time for the best results.

Now from my experiments with Doom (and they are by no means complete at this date) there are three central ways to play him, which differ quite greatly between each other. First and foremost he is a jungler, so obviously if your team doesn’t have someone else who is occupying the jungle then this is where he should be. Similarly if Doom is in the jungle he is almost always going to be a carry, the extra gold means he should be able to be quite big by the mid game which can swing team fights in your favour. Obviously here you are focusing on the extra gold from Devour and even picking up a Hand of Midas if you have time. From there you can build almost anything, although big damage items like Radiance and defensive items like BKB are usually a solid combo.

The second way to play Doom, obviously, is in lane as an aggressive support/tank/semi-carry. This focuses on his Scorched Earth and LVL? Death with an early rank in Devour and then ignoring Devour for the rest of the game. The key here is to get an Alpha Wolf devour in early and from there just exploit your early damage increase and crit to get some early team fights going and some kills from unsuspecting opponents. After that go for Radiance, AC or Heart depending on what your team needs.

Last but not least is a newer build, utilising Agnim’s Scepter and a Refresher not unlike a Zeus to keep two people on the other team permanently Doom’d causing most fights to swing in your favour. Now whether or not you jungle for this build is up to you and the game you are playing, although it’s pretty expensive so I’m sure you will spend at least some of your time jungling. Basically since Doom’s Ultimate ability won’t go off enemy heroes if a Doom with Agnims is nearby you can use the Refreshers to make certain that two heroes stay almost permanently silenced while you are around – as well as taking quite a bit of damage from that DoT.

Anyway that’s my quick little look at Doom.

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