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Early Adoption Checklist

next generation game consoles

Well the week that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. After the better part of a decade Microsoft and Sony are upgrading their tech and showing everyone what they can really do when they aren’t restrained by the performance restrictions of 8 year old engines and processors.

But while we all inevitable feel the consumer urge to stop thinking and open our wallets at the prospect of something new and shiny – let’s not forget that the early months of a console are often its weakest; plagued by a lack of launch titles, delayed features and day one errors. In fact some would say (not directly to your face but certainly behind your back) that only an idiot would buy a new console on day one.

That is, unless you are a very specific kind of a person. The kind of person who can tick all (or most) of the boxes on a very specific list; a list of statements which would have to apply to you in order for me (a random stranger on the internet) to give any form of consent for someone to indulge in a day one purchase.

Well you know where this is going, let’s take a look at what I came up with.

You want a launch title on a new console

This is the most obvious and yet it’s where most people get deceived. When I say that you want a launch title for the new console, it not only has to be a game which you are confident will actually be a worthwhile investment (which is no easy task to work out ahead of time with all the spin flying about) but also a game which you can’t (or really would prefer not to) buy on another system with much more ease. It also, preferably, would be an exclusive – since you may as well make your mind up based on the games and not the Microsoft VS. Sony propaganda which has infected the internet for basically the last decade. Basically this has to be one hell of a game. Choose wisely.

You want the launch features of the new console

Pick the key word in that sentence. That’s right, “launch”. While both new consoles have a wide range of pretty features to lure in prospective buyers – a lot of these (particularly in the case of the Xbox) are mainly talk at this point. Make sure you know exactly what you will have access to (especially here in Australia) from day one, because often features promised later down the track can be subject to delay or change – basically you can only really trust what you get up front, so make sure you want it bad.

You are happy paying top dollar for your system

Common gaming sense here. These consoles are never going to be more expensive than they are right now, so unless you have an unlimited income you should be pretty happy to pay whatever the price to get your hands on one. Even a few months can mean a better game thrown in or a couple dollars shaved off, so ask yourself if you really need to have it so badly right this minute.

You are happy to risk console failure or other possible day one errors for your new console

The pessimist in me is always reminded of the failure rate of the original Xbox 360 when I worry about launch issues. What was the percentage of failed consoles again? Oh that’s right 30%. Now while I’m in no way saying we will see a repeat of that this time around, launch issues will happen and early adopters will be the ones who suffer through them.

You are happy splurging on extra controllers for multiplayer

A bit of a side issue here but since odds are you are the only friend who will have a day one console, that means you have to have enough controllers for all 4 of you to play FIFA. If you have no friends then disregard this point.

You have space for both generation consoles in your current set up

Another bit of a stretch but its handy to remember that the new consoles aren’t backwards compatible – so you better have space for both to be connected if you want to make use of your catalogue of games that you’ve stocked up over the last decade or so. I guess if you didn’t have either of the previous generations you can disregard this point, but I really don’t understand why you would be buying day one next gen if you didn’t even have the previous gen – you would get much better value for money moving backwards.

Anyway there you have it, a little bit of rain on your parade for you to ignore as you all rush out to midnight launches and the such. Happy daywunning.

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