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Engaged or EnRage’d?


In case anyone hasn’t heard of Rage it’s a console/PC FPS being made by id Software (makers of Doom and Quake) and published by Bethesda.

It revolves around a man who is put into a sort of part-time-capsule part-time-machine when earth is about to be hit by an asteroid and wakes up 100 years later to find a post-apocalyptic world filled with bandits and mutants and an army/police force known as “The Authority”.

Now, my problem so far is that this sounds like another game published by Bethesda (although from a different developer), a little indie title called Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 revolves around a man who has been born into a sort of part-time-capsule part-underground-vault which was formed when earth was about to be hit by a nuclear bomb (or ten) and leaves the vault 200 years after the nuclear war to find a post-apocalyptic world filled with bandits and mutants and an army/police force known as “The Enclave”.

See any similarities? If you look at the first trailer (below), they explain the story of Rage and what exactly your character will be getting up to, which looks like the usual Borderlands-style quest-and-kill action (“Oh hey Stranger, we’ve never met before but can you go collect me 10 packets of chips? They are over in that Raider stronghold – Don’t worry, there are only about 20 people inside”).

And to be honest, after watching that trailer (which is the “Story” trailer) I was ready to pass on this game. While Fallout 3 got almost universal praise, I found it a little bland (all that walking? Mass weapon repetition? Point system encouraging you to let the game aim for you? Ya, no thanks), so why would I want a Fallout clone?

At least that’s what I thought until I saw the second trailer below. You know, the trailer which shows you the range of kickass weapons and accessories, explains that racing and vehicle combat will be an a decent part of the game (Fallout 3, so much walking, sooo much) and lets you summon a spider-robot.

Now I don't whether to be annoyed or excited. Sure they are reusing a fairly classic storyline, but on the other hand – who cares? The combat game play looks badass and the weapons look balanced and innovative. And let’s face it: If you are going to trust someone with an FPS, you trust the people who made Doom.

Where does it leave me? Well I’m going to put forward as cautiously optimistic. Which means I will pay full retail but I reserve the right to return it within the first week.

How about you? Check the trailers below and let me know if you’re feeling it.

“The Dawn” (Story Trailer)

“The Arsenal” (Weapon Trailer)

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