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Epic Trailers: Bioshock


Remember way back in 2007 when the first Bioshock trailer was released? That game was already bought full retail in my mind after watching that trailer. And I even followed through and bought it full retail, something much less likely to occur.

It’s not because of any single part of it, it’s more that this trailer does what (I think) trailers are meant to do, they put you into the story of the game by showing a glimpse of the narrative, the themes, the setting, and then round the whole thing off with some awesome action sequences.

Really this trailer shows how good the Bioshock movie that was supposed to be made could have been. The movie project was even shooting for an R18+ rating (something unheard of in videogame movies) before budgetary concerns put the whole thing into lock down. I don’t even know if they are still making it.

But this trailer is still here, and boy is it awesome.




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