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Epic Trailers: DC Universe


With Sony Online Entertainment’s (see: game destroyers) superhero MMO DC Universe going free-to-play next month, I thought I would do my bit by sharing one of things I loved the most about the game: the opening cinematic.

Seriously, there is an amazing standard with MMO cinematics that I for one would love to see continue – they basically spend a bunch of money making something which is essentially a CGI movie trailer in the hopes that it will distract from the bottom-line graphics necessary to make a MMO financially viable (since not everyone is operating off a 10,000 PC).

It can almost take my mind off the fact that DC Universe’s free-to-play model looks pretty damn awful and there are larger, glaring errors than that to be found in the gameplay.

But I’m not here to complain. I’m here to show off an amazing trailer, regardless of which game it is for.

And that’s something that they have here. Seriously epic stuff.


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