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Firefall Gets Classy in a Trailer About Balance


Upcoming FPS/MMO Firefall has a few heads turning and quite a few people talking.

Ok maybe some of that head turning is me nodding emphatically and most of that talking might be me repeatedly posting articles about it. But I swear this game could become something big.

Why? Well here are a few reasons:

  • Made by Mark Kern, lead developer on World of Warcraft
  • Uses the same Free-to-Play model as League of Legends
  • Borderlands inspired art theme
  • Unreal Tournament/Tribes inspired gameplay
  • Competitive play, including tournaments and e-sports potential
  • Just looks awesome. I swear.

Currently four battleframes (classes) have been announced for the game, the Dreadnought, the Medic, Recon and Assault. And this trailer/interview takes a quick look at how they have worked to balance these.

This is an issue pretty close to my heart because I’m interested in playing as a Sniper (Recon). Typically snipers in FPS games are glass canons, high damage and low health. So in a game which offers both a heavy class and a faster medium health class, I was worried about survivability and just generally being around long enough to get a few long-distance kills.

This video has alleviated some of those concerns. The rest will have to wait for the game launch (or is it open beta?) in December.

Unless it’s after December 20th in which case I will be busy on The Old Republic. For the rest of my life.

Well, a few months minimum.

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