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Free to March in the Iron Brigade This Month on Gold

xbox Games with Gold

Or to word that slightly more effectively, finally there is another decent game being given out on Xbox’s “Games with Gold”.

What’s game with Gold?

Well, in case any Xbox subscribers hadn’t noticed, ever since the whole PS4 VS. Xbox One shenanigans started up back around March of this year, Microsoft has been giving out free games every month to mimic the tradition started by PlayStation Plus. Essentially it’s giving you for free what PlayStation players were paying extra for, which is ironic because PlayStation has traditionally given you for free what Xbox has made you pay for. Anyway what it boils down to is that occasionally a free game pops up that isn’t completely awful or a game everyone owned already like Halo 3.

And for this month, that game is Iron Brigade.

Iron Brigade is an interesting hybrid between traditional tower defense and third-person shooting genres (with a little bit of mecha thrown in there to spice things up) which sets you in a post-World War I alternate history where two soldiers were given super intelligence and abilities (the ability to invent trench-mechs and the ability to invent TVs and robot TV monsters respectively) by an Alien broadcast and eventually went to battle for global supremacy over it (with a traditional good and evil role relationship.

Your role, playing on the good side of course, is to a man a giant walking robot as part of the Mobile Trench Brigade and fight off the waves of evil Tubes (robot TV monsters) while also shoring up your own defenses with a range of turrets with their own unique abilities. You can similarly customize your own robot, adding additional weapons and customizing the way you perform in combat.

In case you hadn’t picked up on it by now, the theme is fairly comedic – with the whole “going to war” thing looking a lot more Tropic Thunder then it does Jar Head (I realize those movies are in the wrong war period but I’ve made peace with that). That being said, there is nothing laughable about the complexity and detail involved in this game – you would be getting your money’s worth for the original asking price of $10, let alone for free.

Anyway if any of that sounds the least bit interesting, hit up your Xbox between now and the end of the month to grab Iron Brigade for free and get in on the zany tower defense/mech shooter action.

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