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Fruit Ninja Kinect is More And Less Than I Expected


Awhile ago I reviewed Fruit Ninja on the Iphone (or Android or whatever, I don’t care). In the review I mentioned that a Kinect version was in development and would probably be released within the next year or so. Well, it turns out I was pretty misinformed on the subject and that the actual release of Fruit Ninja Kinect is this week.

So apologies to anyone who (because of me) let this title sneak up on them because they had assumed it belonged to a far-distant future. My bad.

Also a brief second round of apologies directly to Fruit Ninja Kinect. I remember a conversation I had recently (with a charming young lady named Brenagh Bundy) where the topic of Fruit Ninja Kinect was brought up.
Is it good?” I was asked, and I responded in my usual uninformed vitriolic rant, something along the lines of:

I think it looks okay, but I think they would have to introduce some form of single player storyline in order to market it as a full price title. While Fruit Ninja on the Iphone is fun, that’s mainly because it’s addictive for a short period of time (1-3 mins) and because it’s on a portable console. When you take away the portability and put it on Xbox, you really need more content if you are going to go after a $100 price tag. While the multiplayer looks fun, and Kinect is always an interesting way to play – I don’t see more than $20 of value here.

Imagine my embarrassment when I learned (something I really should have worked out months ago) that Fruit Ninja Kinect is the second Xbox Live Arcade game (after From Dust) to trick me into thinking it’s a full price title.

The actual price? 800 MS Points/ approx. $12.00AU

So with that in mind, I took another quick look at Fruit Ninja Kinect. And I like what I see.

Although it’s mainly just a port of the iPhone game (take a look at my review to see how I felt about that) the integration of controller-free technology really adds a new element to the gameplay. It’s one thing to swipe your finger on a phone and see some fruit slash apart, it’s completely different when your hands are the blades. That’s right – it makes you some kind of Ninja/Robot with blades for hands and citrus-proof eyes, waging a bloody (juicy?) war against fruit everywhere!

From what I can see  they have only added one new game mode, the multiplayer that everyone (well, everyone who is interested in Fruit Ninja) has been waiting for. But it looks good, and the other modes are still as iconic and addictive as they were in the original (or so they look).

As for Kinect tracking (which can be problematic at best), it looks like there may be a small delay but I would have to get some hands-on experience before I could confirm any deficiency in that area.

Take a look at the trailer below and decide for yourselves, realistically even if it does have a minor delay this is a pretty great Kinect title for less than a movie ticket price – and those of us who bought a Kinect are looking for any way to use it that isn’t propping open a door (I know it’s not just me).

Also it has a ninja beating the hell out of some dudes in fruit suits. Yeah I thought you’d like that.

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