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Game Journalism 101: No Spoilerzz


As a Videogame Journalist (or as close as I will ever be to becoming one), I’ve learned a few things. Firstly, it’s not quite so easy as to love to play games. This partially qualifies you, it doesn’t make you a literary genius. Secondly, you never want to piss off your target audience (like in most media), because they will hold a grudge. Just look at the reputation of IGN or Sony Online Entertainment if you don’t believe me.

Yep, as a videogame journalist there are some things you just don’t do. Like – you try to avoid implying gamers are all neckbearded, overweight social-retards who have never had a date and still live with their mother.

Like – you try to avoid or at least warn people about spoilers.

Unfortunately for Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton, who broke that latter and most sacred of rules, people are now very pissed with him. People who want to play Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Now, considering it’s my first week back from holiday, I probably shouldn’t be bashing the competition. I surely shouldn’t be making light of what is basically the biggest gaming news resource in Australia. As a videogame journalist there is a code of honour to support our peers, take inspiration from their successes and lessons from their failures.

Once again, as a videogame journalist there are some things you just don’t do. Like bagging on another games journalist without a very, very good reason.

So I’d like you to officially take everything beyond this point as the opinions of a fan, and not of a games journalist. In no way take the vitriol exhibited below as a representation of how I go about my business or an indication of the respect I have for Mr. Hamilton or Kotaku as an organisation, these are merely the opinions of an individual and do not represent the opinions or policies of GamePlayer or Pixel Capital in any way. I deeply respect both Kotaku and its employees and recognise its importance to the community and their undoubted journalistic integrity.

So yeah, games journalist tagging out.

Fan tagging in.


Seriously bro, wtf? Did you walk into work and say “how can I take a dump on the reputation of my organisation and myself by pissing off all of our fans today?” Like honestly, at which point did posting a spoiler about one of the most anticipated games of the year become a good idea?

You realise that as a journalist you are one of the sacred few who get EARLY ACCESS to these games and you exploit that by posting a FUCKING SPOILER in the middle of the Kotaku newsfeed?! Like wtf?! Were you drunk?!

I know, I know. You have heard plenty about this from the fans over the four days or so since that article went up. But let me add my voice to theirs. You fucked up, big time. I’m usually indifferent to spoilers, it comes with the territory, but the fact that you would post a Joker spoiler less than a fortnight after the hype of a Joker trailer that was released – it’s just mind boggling as to how you or your editing team managed to let this stand.

And the worst part?


Still spoiling a potential Game of the Year candidate game for everyone who tries to catch up with your site after the long weekend.

I mean, god, you guys have enough trouble as it is differentiating yourselves from the sub-par reputation attached to Kotaku US without massive pitfalls like this. GG guys. Just GG.

If anyone wants to see the article as it stands (WARNING THERE ARE FUCKING SPOILERS) just follow this link.

I for one will be approaching Kotaku with more caution over the coming weeks, more due to the lapse in their editing team for allowing this through and not removing it than any blunder of Kirk Hamilton’s. I get that he went for a shock value angle and failed, I just don't get why the fuck nobody has cleaned up his mess yet.


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