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GamePlayer wants YOU! to Submit a Guest Post

Here at GamePlayer there are some fun parts to my job. Well, who am I kidding, most of my job is just fun and games (pun intended). But sometimes I have too much fun, and then I need to sit in the corner for awhile and calm down. So what I’m looking for is people to write content that I can put up when I’m sitting in time out.

All jokes aside (the jokes are never completely aside), GamePlayer is looking for ANYONE to write ANYTHING about games. Create a parable to the holocaust, I don’t care as long as you link it to gaming  (no but seriously you probably shouldn’t , I could get fired).

A lot of people ask me what to write about, or where to start. So I thought I’d put together a few tips and topics for anyone who is interested in submitting.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Always, ALWAYS, first check what you have been playing recently. Is it new? Then do a review. Is it old? Then do a Classic Review. Is it out yet? If not you can always do a Pre-Review, just check the site for examples of any of these.
  2. Ok so reviews are out, but you are still interested in writing something. What about comparing something to a game? Let’s say you just watched Suckerpunch or Inception. I am totally willing to run an article on how they have techniques or stories which are strongly adapted from classic game narratives. Or how they are connected to games in any way.
  3. Nothing here either? Well what about opinions? Is there a game you hate? Is there a type of player you hate? Is there anything you hate? What about something you love? That’s probably slightly less interesting than something you hate but it’s better than nothing.
  4. Hopefully by now you have your topic. So here are the specifics:
    300-500 words
    : this is negotiable but a general bracket to get you started.
    Conversational style
    : nobody wants to write an essay, nobody wants to read an essay. Throw in a few jokes and everyone is happy (right guys?).
  5. Still need help? Try reading what you’ve got out loud. Does it sound stupid? You should work on that.
  6. Need even more help? Email me brohan, I am always willing to talk about anything and everything related to games and I’ll probably end up editing your work before it goes up anyway.

It really is that simple people, you submit, you get published, you put on your resume “Web content developer” or  “Magazine Writing Consultant” and leave my number as a contact. I am totally willing to lie to get some content up here.

So like, help me out? Who knows, you might even have some fun doing it.

Email: leann@gameplayer.com.au
Skype: leann.chan

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