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Gamescom Round Up, Part One: The Trailers


I never really knew how big of a deal Gamescom was until this year. I figured it was one of a handful of gaming related festivals (like PAX or Supanova) where mostly developers showed off their games and maybe a new trailer – never really anything important.

Today I was quickly disabused of this notion. As I started my daily research of other gaming sites, developer blogs and “official” game sites, I noticed a trend. There was tons of new information on some of the most anticipated titles in the world – needless to say, I was pretty hard pretty fast.

From clenching my fists. In anticipation. I swear.

But how could I redistribute all of this amazing content through GamePlayer without writing a million articles or (even worse) space it out over the next few days?

The answer I found was pretty simple: Dump it all in one spot.

Well, two spots. One for trailers and one for screenshots. But whose counting?

Just to make things interesting, I’ll link the game trailers in order of how excited I am for the game being released (Note: I said how excited I am, not how excited everyone else is. If your favourite game is last, too bad).

7. Resistance: Fall of Man 3

Alright there a few reasons why this is the last (or first depending how you look at) on my list. Firstly, I was always an Xbox fan who assumed that Resistance: Fall of Man was just a PlayStation rip off of Gears of War. And I’ve never really seen anything which proves otherwise. Secondly, this trailer has almost no gameplay in it – so it’s really hard for me to get too excited about a game when I have no idea how it’s going to play. All of that being said, this trailer doesn’t look too bad and providing they the game has some unique concepts I could definitely see me playing it.

6. DmC - Devil May Cry

Once again, this is probably down ranked (on this page) because I don’t know much about the Devil May Cry series. I know that it's hack and slash and that some good games like Bayonetta and Dante’s Inferno were inspired (see: copied) by the series. I also know that there is a new Devil May Cry game coming out – but that’s about it. The trailer got points for being gameplay and simultaneously lost points for the gameplay looking exactly the same in every shot they used. Here is a hint guys, if you want to show off very similar melee combos with just the setting changing – umm… don’t? K thanks.

But it does look pretty decent graphically, and since I know practically nothing about it I’m really not a fit judge.

5. The Secret World

Now The Secret World is a game which I have been trying to find time to write a preview about, but I keep putting it off. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have too much faith in the whole MMO-without-levelling-up idea that they have going, I don’t know if it’s because I just haven’t seen anything that's wowed me yet and I don’t know if it’s because I just don’t have that much faith in MMO’s that aren’t being built for hundreds of million dollars on one of the most well known IP’s in the world (see: The Old Republic). But generic MMO doubts aside, this trailer does what MMO’s do best – shows off some awesome cinematics which may or may not have nothing to do with the gameplay. It’s a trailer worth watching for a game which might just be worth playing – after all, when was the last time you heard about an MMO set in our world?

4. Battlefield 3

You may have noticed by now that I’m not a massive fan of wartime shooters. I know, Call of Duty is the best thing since sliced bread (no wait, better!) but I just never really got into that kind of “How am I dead? Oh he threw a blind grenade from across the map. Again.” style of combat. I am, however, well aware of how much everyone else loves war shooters and, as such, I bumped Battlefield 3 up a few places. Mainly because, not only is it highly anticipated, but this trailer is almost enough to make me want to play a genre of games which don't interest me. It’s just that good. I’m sure for many of you this will be your number one trailer of the day.

Also, 64 players on one map? I am impress.

3. Borderlands 2

I’ve already talked about Borderlands 2 enough for people to know that it excites me quite a bit. In fact, that is the only reason this trailer is my number 3 for the day – because otherwise, it puts the ‘tease’ back into ‘teaser’. If you want to see some footage of new monsters and the fabled “gunzerker” in action then you are in luck! If you want to see anything else… well… wait until this Thursday/Friday when I host (as in post, not as in "Hi, I'm your Host") the gameplay streaming live from Gamescom.

2. Mass Effect 3

This is a no brainer. Sometimes it seems like half the world is holding their breath waiting for Mass Effect 3 (and that’s just on this world!). Well here is some gameplay for you guys! It doesn’t really show off much more than a couple of new powers and the fact that Garrus and Liara will (probably) be rejoining your team. But it’s still probably enough for you guys to get excited about. I mean, it’s Mass Effect 3 people! Even though we still have to wait for a 2012 release (right before or causing the end of the world), it’s good to see that Bioware cares enough to keep us salivating until then.

1. The Old Republic

Ok, it’s news to no one that I am desperate for the release of The Old Republic. I’ve always had a thing for MMO’s and a thing for Star Wars, so mixing the two together is pretty much an instant win in my book. That being said, this trailer isn’t AMAZING, it basically just shows a squad of 8 Sith players (finally, last two (three?) trailers were Republic players) doing some of the trash mobs of a raid. They kill some turrets and some droids, and then start attacking a big droid (I know, spellbinding stuff). But The Old Republic would still be my number one most anticipated game even if they just showed a trailer of Jar Jar Binks suggestively stroking the hilt of a lightsaber for 3 minutes.

I’m just that dedicated.

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