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GameTube: LineRider “Make Believe”


Now just in case anyone hasn’t heard of LineRider I’ll explain why this video is so amazing.

Basically LineRider began as a university students flash project, a little game where you draw a line (or a series of lines) and when you click “Play” a little man on a sled appears and “rides” along the line that you drew, applying real world physics. So if you drew a line with too sharp a bump, he will fall off and die. If you draw a line which suddenly stops, he will fall off and die. If you draw a line which slopes too sharply, he will fall off and die. If he jumps too high and falls off, well you get the idea.

This game went from being a little flash game bouncing around the internet to a cross-platform franchise, from iPhone and iPad apps to a game for Nintendo Wii. So with all these people creating lines to be ridden (and decorating them with other, less rideable lines which the rider can’t collide with), some amazing art and levels have been created.

Really LineRider puts the map making tools of a 2 dimensional platformer in the hands of the consumer by simplifying the process substantially. It really is a great little game, if you want to check out their homepage it’s here and if you want to try the game in its earlier form (something you might not find on their homepage) I sourced a sneaky german (?) version of it here.

Now the video below is nothing short of a masterpiece. I can’t use any words that will describe it better, from the original map to the amazing art of the images which have been built on top of it and the way the two interact. It’s impossible to tell the “real” (as in rideable) lines from the decorative ones, but I don’t care because watching it is just pure pleasure.

Check it out below.

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