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GameTube: Mario 64 TAS Speed Runs


Now before people start jumping in asking why the Tasmanian government is assisting people in doing speed run throughs of Super Mario 64, I’ll point out that TAS in this case refers to “Tool Assisted Speed run”. So there.

What is a tool assisted speed run I hear you ask? Well basically, a TAS run is when a player uses a computer to modify the game (note: modify not hack) in order to make a run through more achievable. In this case, we are talking about slowing down parts of the game in order for them to be done more easily and re-recording portions of a run through so that you end up with an optimal time.

Think of it as doing 100 run throughs then compiling all your best bits into a single video of the run.

“But that’s like hacking!” people have told me in the past, “why would we want to watch someone who just breaks the game to show how good they are at it?”

And to some extent I agree. Except that when I watch these runs, they are just too awesome to look away. Really this is just a guy who is so practiced, so perfect, at Mario 64 that he can smash the game in less than half an hour (probably) without using any tools. Just by adding in the tools can he cut down that time to the plain ridiculous (see video lengths below) and make an awesome viewer experience out of it.

Now that being said, there are several glitch exploits in the videos below especially the 5 minute run. I don’t necessarily condone exploits but if you take them out of the equation the skills are still amazing to watch.

This first video is my personal favourite, a guy named Rikku who beats Super Mario 64 in 15 minutes and collects only 16 stars. I prefer it because he actually does some of the levels and gets the stars in some astonishing ways (including ways that I wish I had thought of, and have recreated using Super Mario 65 at home).


This second video is a much better TAS run than the one above, but considering it's basically just glitch exploiting for the whole video (in order to finish with a whopping zero stars) it just doesn’t show as much Mario 64 kick-assery as the video above.

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