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Hard Reset: A Game for a Simpler Time (before Marketing apparently)

hard reset

Some people tell me that GamePlayer has a bit of a console angle. We don’t talk about PC games and PC exclusives enough. To those people I say: Here is your PC exclusive article, and after reading it maybe you can tell why I don’t write more of them.

Hard Reset is a PC exclusive cyberpunk FPS that hopes to tap into the old school shooter market of games like Doom, Quake and Painkiller. It’s made by Flying Wild Hog, a new publisher which consists of members of People Can Fly (Bulletstorm), CD Projekt RED (The Witcher 2) and City Interactive (Sniper: Ghost Warrior). The game takes place in a dark, noir-esque city setting and involves some high-tech weaponry and big, fast bad guys ala Bioshock.

And that’s basically all I can tell you, because that’s basically everything anyone knows at this point.

Really for a game which is promising a September (of this year!) release, you would think that we would have had a character name or 10 minutes of gameplay footage or like, a back story or something by now right?

But no, apparently they wanted to make this a full-on throwback to the old PC glory days, lack of advertising and social media marketing included.

Now I know that cutting consoles and multiplayer (oh I forgot to say, no multiplayer on this bad boy) is a sure fire way to lower production costs and your expected completion time. But does it really lower the amount of exposure you need to give to the media as well? Coz like, I hadn’t even heard of this til this morning and it comes out in a month.

Maybe I’m taking this all a little personally, I just hate it when good games suffer from Shadows of the Damned syndrome. What’s that? You haven’t heard of Shadows of the Damned? Don’t worry, practically no-one did. And their sales reflected that.

Here is a couple of trailers to answer provoke some of your questions. First up is the teaser trailer, which really operates off of a fairly loose definition of the word tease. I would have called it the Sponsor-display trailer.

And here, finally, is some gameplay. Now it’s only a minute, but it answered some of my questions. Namely, yes he does have a gun, and yes, he can shoot things. Also I think Jet Li may have just gone Kiss of the Dragon on his ass. Either that or he just has an extreme new take on nosebleeds: Facebleeds.


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