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Here Are the First Facts About The Last of Us


I don't know about you guys, but my personal highlight of the VGA’s was the teaser trailer for Naughty Dog’s horror-survival game The Last of Us. I mean, if you take the studio behind Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot, add some of the best graphics (well, officially the best for consoles) on the market and then let them play with one of the most popular game genres in existence – you can’t help but be hopeful about the result.

That’s not to say that they are perfect. Personally I found Uncharted 2 a much better blend of story and FPS (despite Naughty Dog’s assurance that they had “tweaked” the FPS elements to be more in line with other games in the genre), Uncharted 3’s shooting sections dragged until the puzzles felt like an irregular breath of fresh air. But story and character wise, they set the standard like always.

Which is why I remain faithful that The Last of Us will be everything that Dead Island wasn’t (yeah… that game peaked in the trailer).

So what do we know now that we didn’t know in December? Well while they haven't clarified exactly what those split-head zombie creatures are (which is my number one question at the moment), information about the characters, the setting and a bit of the gameplay is being disclosed in this months Game Informer – which in internet terms means it’s practically all already available.

The Last of Us puts us in the shoes of Joel, a gun and drug smuggler who moves across the borders between infected and non-infected zones in the post-apocalyptic setting of the game. The border crossing points are controlled by the military, who (surprise surprise) tend to kill anyone who tries to cross from one side to the other (infected or not). The girl shown in the trailer, Ellie, has an agreement with Joel to be smuggled out of the safe zone for reasons that haven't been disclosed at this point (I think suicide is a possibility). With the military hot on their trail and zombie-creatures around every corner, they head west across the infected USA (with the Pittsburgh location shown in the trailer assumedly the starting point).

The gameplay, as we can know Naughty Dog is good at from Uncharted, will involve platforming, puzzle-solving and a more melee focused combat system. Multiplayer is unconfirmed, but a strong possibility as I seem to remember Naughty Dog saying that all future titles would include multiplayer in an interview awhile back (maybe co-op? dibs not playing the Juno-looking little girl).

If you need to be reminded what exactly The Last of Us looks like (and how beautiful it is) take a look at the teaser we saw at the VGA’s below – and for more information you could always buy this months Game Informer (or if you are cheap just wait until all the information gets posted online on sites just like this one).


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