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Heroes of Loot Review: Exciting Dungeon Crawler for Mobile

heroes of loot screenshot

Hi guys, today's post is from a guest contributor! At GamePlayer, we're always on the lookout for people who want to put their word out there in this big, big world of internet. This one is from Nadia Hyeong, you can find out more about her in her Author bio at the end of this post.


Do you have an intense passion for pixels, dungeon raids, and monster slaying? Well, you should definitely embark on an adventure inside Heroes of Loot’s (HoL) virtual world. Although it is a role-playing game (RPG) that was with less complicated storyline as well as 3D graphics or character development, it is a title that any player will enjoy because of its retro-inspired art and dungeon raiding action. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect from this exciting new game.


heroes of loot screenshot  courtesy of iTunes

The controls for moving your avatars are very straightforward and simple which is a big blessing for the tender-footed dungeon explorers. Holding down the fire button on the lower part of the screen will cause you to rapidly throw weapons and spells at nearby enemies. Its onscreen joysticks are responsive and can appear anywhere on the display.  Just like your common dungeon crawlers, players only need to walk through the pieces of loot dropped by enemies and it will automatically be stored in their inventory.

A mobile player’s common tale of woe whenever they play this type of genre is the cluttered screen. Thankfully, we did not experience any of these problems since the display icons are very minimal. Even if we played it on an iPhone 5, which according to O2, has a screen size of 4 inches, it will still be a fun experience as we course through the pixel art.

4 Adventurers

heroes of loot screenshot  courtesy of iTunes

On your journey into HoL’s dark chambers, you have four characters to choose from: Wizard, Elf, Warrior, and Valkyrie. Each playable avatar has its differences when it comes to base attack power, defense, magic potential, attack speed, and even experience acquisition rate. They can also be customized with various spells, armor, and weapons in order to make them stronger. As an RPG ported into mobile, don’t expect that they will have intricate background stories that you can explore and weave. Their only desire in life is to have a good time hunting for treasures.

Beware the dark dungeons

Unfortunately, guiding your characters inside virtual chambers will prove to be quite a challenge because of all the monsters that you will encounter. They randomly spawn around the battle arena and they come in bulk which makes it extra difficult if they attack you at the same time. In addition, not every part of the screen is lit so you won’t really expect what type of enemy you will face at the next turn.

Thankfully, there are pieces of mystical runes that you can pick up or buy on the store that will greatly enhance the character’s abilities. However, some runes are only well-suited for a specific type of character. The Warrior class, for example, cannot greatly benefit from equipping a lightning variant but it can get massive boosts from using a fire rune.

Another way that you can survive is by picking up a lot of experience spheres to enhance your statistics.  These spheres drop when you kill an enemy or they randomly appear in various parts of the battle arena.

Eye-candy art

HoL’s 16-bit graphics is reminiscent to that of Terraria and the Junk Jack X franchise. It attracts young adventurers and even the veteran button smashers who want to relive the nostalgia of the Nintendo Entertainment System glory. To pair up its pixilated environment, the developers even infused catchy retro-tunes.


Even with its simplicity and straightforward gameplay, Heroes of Loot is an exciting dungeon crawler title that you can play for hours on end. It can provide its players enough challenges in every chamber to make things interesting. If you are a neophyte button smasher who wants to improve farming and exploring skills, this one is definitely for you.

Feel free to share some farming tips with our fellow readers in the comments section.


About the author

Nadia Hyeong is often found writing about smartphones, apps, gigs and game  and contributers every now and then in Techiedoodlers. Her other passions include traveling and she also maintains a passion for alternative music. Follow her on Twitter (@NadiaHyeong) and Google+.


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