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How NOT to Play Modern Warfare 3


As most of you guys know, I’m not a CoD guy really. I mean, I’ll play it if it’s on the Xbox at my mates place or we are all at the internet cafe lan-ing, but I haven’t bought a copy since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and I probably won’t.

But I am an FPS guy, which means if I did play Modern Warfare seriously – I would probably play better than this guy.

In a game where skill and competition are the two mostly highly prized virtues (aside from your ability to make a 13 year old on the other end of the mic cry), this guy manages to take pride in his inability to compete.

And I almost feel like saluting him for it.

Sure, his digs at the other players gamer tags are a bit lame, and yes – he does look a lot like the guy from Myth Busters.

But he does have a point, that guy isn’t playing in high-definition.

Anyway for all you Modern Warfare fans out there, take a look and have a laugh – whether it’s at this guys spray-across-half-the-map shooting style or just at his boast of a 3-13 k/d ratio from his last game.

Keep up the good (?) work Curtiscandy.

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