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How to Take A Screenshot: Dead End Thrills

Dead End Thrills screenshot

Note: This isn’t an actual guide to taking a screenshot – I just thought it sounded like a witty title. My apologies to anyone who was misled, if you want to take a screenshot just press Prt Sc on your keyboard. You’re welcome.

The art of the screenshot has been refined countless times over the last decade, from grainy captured images of games so pixelated that the screenshot confused more than revealed, to high def poster-quality images designed for the inside of arcades and game retailers. Now I’m far from a master of the art, don’t really have the patience, but I’ve still taken a moment to capture a perfect shot in Halo 3 or a quick snap in World of Warcraft from time to time – so I get the appeal.

One thing I definitely cannot do (and only partially because I don't have an incredibly graphics-oriented computer rig which displays eye-rending, beautiful graphics) is take screenshots anywhere near the level of something which would be considered art. In fact, back in my “here is a shot of me killing three people at once with a rocket launcher” days – I probably would have told you screenshots can’t be art.

But wow was I wrong.

Just looking at the Bioshock Infinite shots recently released by website Dead End Thrills, I was blown away at what a man can achieve with the world someone else created and the computer screen you are playing it on.

Now that's not to say that there aren’t a myriad of external programs, touch up displays and other tweaks that have likely been used to render these images at such a high quality – but let’s look beyond the finishing touches into the original inspiration for the shots.

I can safely say that I personally – despite being utterly charmed by Bioshock Infinite in its entirety – wouldn’t have the foresight to create these amazing images, even if they do accurately capture my emotional response to many of these scenes from the game.

There are mild spoilers in terms of locations and minor character interactions in the images, so if you are completely against seeing parts of the game you may not have completed yet don’t follow the link, but otherwise I’d recommend this site to anyone who thinks that games can’t be art as these shots are truly incredible.

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