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Immortals are Rising, Soon to be Falling?

rise of immortals

It seems like every third guy and his aunt are trying to make a DotA clone these days. There’s the very popular League of Legends, the semi-popular Heroes of Newerth, the always popular Defense of the Ancients Allstars (Warcraft III) and the will-it-be-popular DOTA 2.

But what if you are over being a mainstream sucker. What if you are the kind of guy who would prefer playing some obscure version of the game, (I’m guessing) just so you can say you were one of the people who played it first?

Well if you are that particular brand of pretentious asshat, Rise of Immortals might be the game for you!

Coming from games developer Petroglyph (I’ve never heard of them either) and aiming to add a more MMO element to the traditional SCC-RTS gameplay (Note: SCC-RTS = Single-Character Competitive Real-Time Strategy Game, yeah it’s a mouthful but I’m gonna ride this horse until it’s well and truly dead) we are used to in games like this. Because that’s what extremely repetitive and addicting games like DotA need, more addictive repetitive elements.

If I seem a little bias I will apologize, and I will say that I am glad people are using different designs (the graphic change from DotA to RoI is like the difference between WoW and Rift), but mainly I’m just annoyed that people are trying to jump in on the DotA cash cow – and their games look so similar.

I mean, DotA, LoL, HoN and DOTA 2 all share developers, (look back far enough and you will find the common links) so I was semi-happy for them to share design elements. But for a new developer to create yet another clone without enough distinguishing features, and then expecting it to compete?

Needless to say, I don’t have too much faith in the project. It launches in just over a week so we can only play the Beta til then.

But we can play it for free, which is always a bonus.

So here is your homework (if you want, I don’t really care), download Rise of Immortals and play a few games. If you actually prefer it to any of the existing SCC-RTS games, and can justify this believably, I’ll give you a T-Shirt. You heard me.

But if you lie, I might kill you.

Just maybe.

Here is the website: Rise of Immortals

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