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Is This A Character Generation Engine Better than Skyrim’s?

swtor class

By now most of us have made at least one dragon-slaying character able to survive the wild and wiles of the land of Skyrim. And I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one to spend close to an hour customising just to make sure there was no one in the world like Lucifel Dovakiin.

But looking at this video from Total Biscuit – I can’t help but wonder to myself, is The Old Republic’s character generator superior to Skyrim’s?

It comes down to a matter of opinion. But in this (surprisingly in-depth) video, you really get to see the breadth of the models available for The Old Republic – and it’s not hard to tell that they far exceed the limitations placed on other popular MMO’s that shall remain nameless.

WoW is it hot in here? Must be the stress of not naming names of MMO’s with 10.3 million subscribers (down almost a million since May).

Take a look and you will see what I mean, you know that a games engine is comprehensive when even a petty, worthless human manages to look varied and badass between models.

Also, fat Jedi’s love themselves some hamburgers. True story.

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