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La Dolce (PlayStation) Vita


That’s right it’s another article with a pun in brackets. Get used to it.

La Dolce Vita was a popular 1960’s Italian film, the title meaning “the good life”. I’m guessing this is how Sony wants you to feel about your own life, after you have got your hands on their newest console: The PlayStation Vita.

Terrible titles aside, the PlayStation Vita is the (long awaited?) sequel system to the mildly popular PlayStation Portable (or PSP). The PSP was Sony’s attempt to take Nintendo out where they live, in portable gaming (or at least they did live there after the Gamecube and before the Wii), which accomplished much what I imagine you would accomplish if you tried to kill a bear with a toothpick. Nintendo rumbled ominously but instead let out a tiny giggle at the tickling sensation and then went back into hibernation.

That’s not to say that the PSP was unsuccessful, it sold somewhere around 68 million units (compared to the Nintendo DS’ 145 million), and offered substantially better graphics than it’s kidsy competitor. So Sony is basically throwing good money after semi-good money by creating a sequel, unless they manage something ground-breaking (like the 3DS? Let’s not go there).

And in my opinion, they are trying pretty hard. The PlayStation Vita promises Wi-Fi connectivity including downloadables from the PlayStation Network (assuming it’s up! sorry had to go there.) and a touch screen (like the Wii U controllers) as well as a touch pad on the back (like the mouse on laptops). What the touchpad on the back will achieve exactly escapes me, but it sounds cool so I guess we’ll leave it there and see what happens. On top of this you’ve got high-end graphics displayed on a crisp 5-inch OLED screen and the ability to play games against people on a PS3.

So there we have it. But is it enough? I’d give you my opinion but I’d prefer if posts on this site remained objective.

Once you are done laughing at that, I’ll get back to it. Personally I think there are a lot of things here which bode well for the PlayStation Vita. By giving you wi-fi and the ability to play with PS3 users you could easily have that much of CoD with your bro he is always talking about, just by taking your Vita to his place. In fact, you could even play him while you were on the bus on the way over there. On top of this, by all reports the Vita is priced to be competitive with the 3DS while offering way better hardware (think the Wii competing with the Xbox360 for price, it happened for awhile) but of course you are losing the 3D element.

So it’s a toss up (much like the Wii was), do you go for the innovative 3D functions of the 3DS or the better-value-for-money-but less-gimmicky PlayStation Vita? Or do you just wait for prices to drop and grab both.

I know what I’m doing.

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