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Need to Find More Dragons in Skyrim?


The dragons of Skyrim truly are wondrous creations of game physics. From the way they fly, circling majestically, to the way they breath fire, in logical gouts of flame or frost, even to the way they land or the way their jaws snap at you.

But there just aren’t enough of them. I mean, I know too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. But I’m pretty sure, as the below video will show, sometimes too much of a good thing is an AWESOME THING!

And if you are currently playing on the PC version, this awesome thing could be coming soon to a computer near (or in front of) you.

Basically a wily player has worked out the code command to summon a dragon on your current position, simply open up the console and input “player.placeatme 000FEA9B” to spawn a dragon.

Then spawn another.

And another.

And many, many others.

As you can see in the video, the results are both some kind of living apocalypse where fire breathing lizards wipe out mankind (like the movie Reign of Fire) as well as being an awesome visual experience seeing packs of dragons frolicking through the skies (like the movie Reign of Fire).

While this may not help us doomed-to-a-single-dragon-at-a-time console players, the results are spectacular to watch. It also gives you a good idea of how much strain a dragon puts on the game, as I’m pretty sure most computers crash around 14 dragons.

This gives me a good idea for labels on new computers in technology stores: “Can handle up to 20 dragons!”

Let’s make this a thing.


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    Or you could just check out this mod...


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