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New Borderlands 2 Trailer Introduces the Rest of the Cast


Awhile back we saw the teaser trailer for Borderlands 2, a long with a little bit of handycam sneaked footage which showed a snowy environment and not much else. We were also told about Salvador - the dual-wielding "gunzerker" dwarf whose special ability was to whip out multiple guns at once.

Despite the obvious rediculousness in that last sentence, I was still pretty pumped to see what other crazies would be available for play in this sequel to one of the best games ever to assign itself "game of the year" (despite never winning a GOTY award).

Then this trailer came a long. And now I know.

So what can we infer about the characters based on the several seconds we see of each? Well here are my thoughts.

First up (after Salvador) we see Maya, an obvious Lilith remake who seems to have darkhole/crush powers more commonly seen in Mass Effect 2 or The Darkness. The model seems very similar to the original Siren, with the obvious difference being her black hair over Liliths red. Im guessing she will have a "darker" personality as well, but apart from that the similarities are telling. Personally I hope her gameplay has been improved since I didn't really think Siren's held up too well at the endgame.

Next is Axton, a pretty boy version of Roland which might be making you Soldier fans say "It's like Christmas!". Personally I'm a bit sceptical. This guy is shown standing next to a turret very similar to Rolands, bar without the shield, and that's kind of it. Which means the opinion I'm getting of him is that he is exactly the same class. Not good. Hopefully this trailer just fails to show off how awesome and original he is - I guess I'll have to wait and see on this one.

Finally is Zero. A guy who seems to be atleast partially made of win. The 5 seconds he is in the trailer (not counting the scenes later on when he is shooting with the rest of them, I don't care about those parts) he manages to come out of stealth and slice up two robots with a sword. Now I don't know if he is part robot, I don't know if he is malnourished - but skinny body aside this guy looks awesome. Once again, I would imagine that his sword power up works much like Bricks melee attacks in the first game - once every so often unless you deliberately spec into it. Still, you can see the inspiration from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and the attack squads to bring in an agile melee attacker (who hopefully doesn't scream the entire time he is in his activatable ability, Brick).

The last thing this (pretty awesome) trailer brings us, apart from sub-quality dubstep, is a release date for all us Borderlands fans - September 18th 2012. So everyone find a co-op buddy because in 6 months or so this is going to go off (I hope).

Here's the trailer in case you didn't just scroll down and watch that first:

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  1. Ibrahim

    in Knoxx armory, beorfe entering the destruct code to blow the shit up, walk to the? very last bulk door (right beorfe you enter room with code) and stand in the middle. if you slowly move back and forth, you'll eventually fall through the ground. you can now crouch and move under the floor and inside the armory, where you can loot the shit outta everything with no time limit. exit the game completely and load again, and repeat as many times you want (you must kill Knoxx again every time tho)

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