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New PvP Trailer for The Old Republic Fills the Void(star)


Apparently I missed a trailer when I was doing this week’s edition of “Updating…”, a trailer from somewhere very close to my heart.

A trailer from somewhere far, far away…

Ok let’s not make this weird. Bioware is continuing their “we are just reminding you about our massive 200 million dollar+ game that is launching in two months” by bringing us a look at “The Voidstar”, a PvP War Zone that is all about attack and defense.

The Voidstar is a relic from a previous era, an old Sith fighter filled with technology which could prove beneficial to either the Empire or the Republic.

So obviously the only thing to do is to fight to the death over it.

Teams take turns attacking or defending, with the winner gaining access to the ships data – or more importantly, bragging rights over their bested foes.

This latest War Zone comes alongside the brand-new War Zone page available on The Old Republics website, so if PvP with lightsabers is you’re kind of thing  - I would check it out.

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