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One Million Dollars Worth of DOTA 2 Right Here!


 Alright guys. You caught me. There has been a lot of DotA and DotA clone (League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, DOTA 2) news over the last couple of weeks. Realistically, from a fair and balanced point of view, this shouldn’t have been the case. But in my defence, it’s been a busy period for the creators of (I’m sick of saying “DotA” clones, single-character competitive real-time strategy games sound better? SCC-RTS for short?) SCC-RTS games. I mean with the ridiculous amounts of prize money ($5 million prize from League of Legends, DotA team acquired for $6 million, the $1 million dollar prize that is the subject of this article) involved – this really is the new frontier of E-Sports gaming.

And with that in mind, I bring you both some of the first gameplay for DOTA 2 (by Valve and Icefrog) and footage of the entire final for the $1 Million dollar competition at Gamescom 2011.

The teams were EHOME (I got nothing…) and NaVi (Goooooo Smurfs!).

Here i the team line-up (so you can skip the beginning of the video, around 6:00 minutes in the fun starts):



  • Prophet (Intellect)
  • Doombringer (Strength)
  • Storm Spirit (Intellect)
  • Sand King (Strength)
  • Lich (Intellect)


  • Chen (Intellect)
  • Beastmaster (Strength)
  • Slardar (Strength)
  • Weaver (Agility)
  • Puck (Intellect)

If you are at all interested in DotA or SCC-RTS gaming then I would go ahead and check it out. For me it was quite a revelation that I was happy to spend 40 minutes watching people play DotA and yet I can’t sit through half a game of any sport you care to mention.

Except Pool. I love Pool.


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