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Pokémon X and Y Opinion: Why Not Light-Type?

fairy type pokemon

I’ve never really been that thrilled that the new type added to the Pokémon series this time around was “Fairy”. Now before anyone tries to misconstrue this as me being homophobic, let me just say that it isn’t because I have any problems with the colour pink or the concept of fairies on the whole – it’s just that I’m a little more oldschool as to my definitions of Pokémon types.


In my mind, types of Pokémon are based on natural elements and materials. Now sure there have always been exceptions to this rule – Dragon, Psychic and Fighting types (as well as Steel if you really want to quibble) – but I don’t really see why we are adding more and more Farfetch’d (get it) concepts instead of grounding the theme with some other types which are sitting right in front of our (collectively speaking noses).

Namely, the Light-type.

Now, just in case anyone wasn’t following quite closely enough at this point, obviously Light-type Pokémon aren’t a thing. I just really wish they were instead of Fairy, and I have plenty of evidence to explain why Light is the more appropriate type choice. What kind of evidence you may ask? The most important kind: circumstantial.

Firstly, there is the obvious fact that we already have a Dark type. Having Dark without Light is a pretty nihilistic view of the universe if you ask me (although it seemed to work pretty well in Dark Souls last time I checked) and since the Pokémon universe is all about counters which make sense, excluding a Light type seems like a pretty big oversight at this point.gardevoir

But wait, doesn’t Fairy-type work as a counter for Dark Pokémon? Solid point. So solid that it is in fact my second argument. Fairy-Type was designed as a counter for Dark, Dragon and Fighting. Now in my own personal logic, I could maybe see fairies taking out Darkness – they do have a tendency to glow and stuff. But a fairy taking out a dragon? I mean come on, it would snap that up for breakfast. And as for Fighting? Who would win in a fight between Muhammed Ali and Tinkerbell? That’s what I thought.

So what about Light type? Well Light beats Dark, that’s just common sense. And an argument could be made for Dragon type as well, since Dragons tend to hide in deep dark caves far away from the - wait for it - Light. Maybe Fighting doesn’t really fit in either, but 2/3 isn’t bad.

I guess at the end of the day Light just seems neater in my personal opinion, and the opportunity to retconn a bunch of fairy-looking Pokémon into the type was just too good to pass up. But I still think people could have related to a Light-type Clefable, or a Psychic/Light Gardevoir. Oh well, back to online battling I guess.

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