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Pokémon X and Y Stock Issues in Sydney: Who is to Blame and How to Skip the Queue

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Indisputably one of the most popular games of this year and one of the most popular Pokémon titles of all time, X and Y have quickly carved a permanent spot into the hearts of fans of the franchise – both new and old.

Or at least it has done so for those of us who have been so lucky to experience it so far.

Unfortunately, despite its obviously predicted popularity and high sales numbers, the amount of stock available within Sydney (and assumedly the rest of Australia) has left plenty of space for people to miss out on their copy.

Personally I picked up my copy on launch day at around 6pm, at which point there was no sign of any issues with stock or lack thereof. Unfortunately my personal finances weren’t at such a point that I could afford to splurge on a second copy (well I could afford the copy, just not the 3DS that went along with it) so I reluctantly (and somewhat mischievously) let my girlfriend know she would have to wait until a later date before I would gift her with her own version.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to a lazy Sunday where I was suffering through a headcold and a throat infection but happy to fulfil my promise and you find me wandering around a crowded shopping center wanting nothing more than to easily secure a copy of Pokémon X and go home to my bed.

Little did I know the extent of the quest I had set myself upon.

After checking two EB Games and two JB HiFis within the area, I was getting more than a little irritable at the complete lack of stock which seemed to have steeped the suburb. It was just getting to the point where something stops being annoying and just becomes laughable because of how ridiculous it is.

We reached that point 20 minutes later when we drove to another shopping center and found it similarly devoid of Pokémon.

Eventually I did the smart thing and called the EB Games and JB Hi-Fi megastores in the city center to inquire after stock levels. JB HiFi confirmed no stores in Sydney had copies, EB Games directed me to a large “Next Shipment Arrives November 21st” banner on their website.

So who is to blame for this unquantifiable lack of Pokémon? Well I can only point the finger at Nintendo.

When the two biggest games retailers in the country are coming up short in such a similar fashion, we can only assume that it’s the distributer (which falls under Nintendo’s end of the deal) which is the problem – especially when the next shipment isn’t expected for the better part of a month, only three weeks out from the release date.

Basically Nintendo screwed the pooch on this one, fumbling their stock for their highest seller and biggest release of the year. Good one guys, you really aren’t adding any fuel to the rumours that you are driving yourselves out of business (/endsarcasm).

Luckily there is one distribution method left to anyone who finds themselves in the position I did at 5pm on a very long Sunday – downloading direct from the Nintendo store.

Now I’m not sure if this is the only option left due to Nintendo’s ineptitude or nefarious plot of theirs to cut out the suppliers – but either way we shouldn’t be thanking them. As my girlfriend pointed out, she (and we can assume other gamers as well) prefers having a physical copy of the game and game case for reasons sentimental as much as practical. For better or for worse Nintendo has robbed its fans of this option, which is frankly unacceptable to me in this day and age.

The good news is that you can still get Pokémon without waiting until late November if you really must have it.

The bad news is that if Nintendo keeps pulling dodgy tactics like this, they might lose the brand loyalty which is quickly becoming the only strong suit they have left.

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