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Preview: Kinect Star Wars (or how Star Wars made me not want to buy Kinect)


Preview is a new kind of segment on GamePlayer where we review games that haven’t been released yet based on the current information available. In no way should you take any opinions represented below as confirmation of the games quality at its final launch.

Now to set the tone of this article before I launch into it I am a long time Star Wars fan. I’ve played the majority of Star Wars games ever released (avoiding any with an “Official Game of the Movie” sticker) and I can even enjoy a bad star wars game as long as I get that little emotional fix whenever the lightsaber sound effects play.

As well as this, I’m a big fan of Kinect. I find it fun, technologically amazing and just a very smart product for 360 to release. I don’t personally own one because I’ve been waiting for them to increase the amount of games (not to mention Australian voice control hasn’t been released yet) and it was definitely on my to-buy list.

Until now. What I saw from the Kinect Star Wars demonstration shown at E3 basically disturbed me as much as footage of Obi-Wan being raped with a Kinect could have. It wasn’t just the simplistic graphics which reminded me of my N64 in a bad way (and I didn’t even know there was a bad way to be reminded of N64 :S), it was almost everything I could judge the game on. From the moment the typically nerd looking Microsoft employee declared in a quavery voice “Lightsaber, ON!” I knew things were going downhill.

And they went from bad to worse. First there were the very obvious and ridiculously simple lightsaber swings (can anyone say diagonal?). Then there was the auto-run/turn/move which meant that swinging your saber with no enemy in front of you resulted in a 180 degree turn ending with you in front of another enemy; Who happily died to the swing you started 5 feet and many, many angles away. This was followed by the fact that the bad guys acted, died and moved like the worst star wars puppets imaginable – only adding to the growing sensation that there was no challenge involved which was blatantly obvious by the amount of laser fire your Jedi-self happily soaked up.

I’ll stop myself here, but you get the drift. To be honest, I don’t know what I expected. But it wasn’t this. This was basically if you made a clone wars movie and then put a little kid in front of it and told him to act it out for points. I usually try not to judge games too much before they are released but this was one game I just had to Pre-Review.

Will I still try it? Possibly. I won’t be spending any money on it unless I see something amazing in the next few months I can tell you that.

Will I still buy a Kinect? Probably. But don’t think that this game hasn’t given me doubts about what the system is capable of.

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Preview: Kinect Star Wars (or how Star Wars made me not want to buy Kinect), 6.9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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