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Prepare for Some “Unforgettable” Conversations in Mass Effect 3


Well it’s only a couple days until the most anticipated Bioware sequel since The Old Republic, and understandably the writing team over at Bioware are doing their darndest to talk up the game as much as possible before it hits the shelves.

Why would they need to reassure anyone that a Bioware sequel wouldn’t be awesome? It beats me. Oh wait… Dragon Age 2.

History aside, a recent blog on the Bioware website promises that not only will the conversations and storylines be amazing and not Hawke-like at all, but that they have put extra effort into making sure the conversations are appealing to the whole spectrum of players (as opposed to the “oh another conversation I have to skip through to keep playing” approach some people lament).

Mac Walters, a lead writer over at Bioware, explains:

“Conversations with characters in Mass Effect 3 are more than just opportunities to gain information; they’re designed to be unforgettable. I challenged each writer to make every moment memorable. The moments didn’t have to be long, and they didn’t require a lot of words, but they had to mean something—to the character, to Shepard, and hopefully to you.”

How well will this actually translate into gameplay? I’m dubious. There is only so much you can do with words (says a writer).

Mass Effect, aside from being one of the most recognizable game franchises since Halo, has picked up a fair amount of media coverage in recent years due to it’s cross-race romance options – that’s right, scary alien-human relationships. While this is kind of ridiculous, what is really interesting is the amount of bias coming out of the woodwork about having the option for same-sex relationships in Mass Effect 3.

Because the choice to be gay being presented in a videogame (note: choice, not obligation) is apparently offensive to some people. Some sad, bigoted people. Personally I can’t wait for a alien-human lesbian relationship with my Commander Shepard and am already excitedly perusing potential partners – but I digress.

With the third game in the trilogy bringing Commander Shepard back to Earth in order to face off once more against the reapers – there’s plenty in the story to be excited about. Add to that the brand new multiplayer options, and the ability to play as an alien in said multiplayer, and it’s easy to see why this will mark the biggest game release in 2012 so far.

Will this be a game of the year candidate? Will Shepard and the world explode in a ball of fire if you play the game badly enough? Will news reporters blow the fact that you can choose to play a gay fictional character in the privacy of your own home way out of proportion?

Yes, probably and most probably yes.

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