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Professional DotA Team Acquired for $6 Million (No, Seriously.)


In what (I’m pretty sure) is the most expensive purchase of a video game team ever, a chinese business man named Sicong Wang (director of Wanda Enterprises) has purchased the DotA team “Catastrophic Cruel Memories (CCM)“ for 40,000,000 Chinese yuan (or $6.2 million US for those playing at home).

The team, now known as Invictus, will represent Wang at the scheduled DotA 2 (Valve’s sequel to the fan mod that it technically never owned to begin with) tournament at Gamecom this year.

The prize money? $1 million dollars to the winning team. That’s almost 1/6th of what he paid for the team to begin with! At that rate he could… still be down 3 million dollars 2 years from now. Yeah.

Basically what this shows is the growing confidence in both Valve and the gaming community that DotA 2 will be a viable new esports option. As in, it will be a game for which competitive tournaments are held with cash prizes. Like Arena in World of Warcraft or like StarCraft 2.

Will this (more money than sense) business man’s gamble pay off with a win at Gamecom?

Only time will tell. But I will say that it would have to develop into a pretty frakkin’ large market for anyone to make a return that large. In case you hadn’t noticed, professional video gaming isn’t the most lucrative of careers.

While we wait, let’s rock out to that crazy Swedish DotA song!

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