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Review: Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is a small, but fruity game with lots of re-playability. So, for it’s review, I thought I would type out a small, but fruity article with lots of re-readability! Right guys?

Just kidding. I have enough trouble getting people to read my content once.

But on a more serious, and relevant, note, Fruit Ninja is probably one of the best games that has ever come out on the iOS (Smart Phones) platform. And why? Because it doesn’t try to be anything else, except an iPhone (or Android, or Linux or a  part-touchpad part-rock that you found) game. But dear god does it use the technology well.

For anyone who hasn’t played it, Fruit Ninja is pretty simple game. The player is a ninja who is tasked with slicing fruit (get it, Fruit Ninja?) which is achieved by sliding your finger across the screen as fruit is thrown into the ‘air’ (onto the screens display). By slicing multiple fruit at once, or special types of fruit (Frozen Bananas: Delicious and Decelerating) you can get more point multipliers or special effects, slice a bomb and (depending on your mode) you are either out or you will lose some points.

Honestly, Fruit Ninja took me about a day (3-4 hours) to unlock all of its achievements and unlockables (like different backgrounds and different “blades”, which are basically different coloured lines for your finger swipes). But every time I have a few moments spare I keep coming back to it. There is an effortless joy in watching the fruit slice open in mid-air which somehow both satisfies the bright-colours-and-funny-sound-effects-loving child in me and the OMG-I-want-to-slice-some-shit-open adult in me.

The design is another strong point. By keep oriental oriented (I went there) backdrops with a simple wooden theme they both manage to convey the Asian influence (you are a ninja after all) while reminding you of fruit (because fruit comes from trees, wooden trees!). And your Sensei is always there to offer you great advice like “There are over 400 varieties of Kiwi fruit in China”.

Fruit Ninja isn’t trying to push a circular block through a square hole, like other games (arguably Infinity Blade) have attempted to do on the iOS systems. It’s not an arcade game port, it’s not a smaller console game and it’s not a flash game rebuilt for a phone. It is a touchpad based, short duration, highly replayable phone game which completely works on the system it is designed for.

Whether this would translate to another game system, like the planned Fruit Ninja for Xbox Kinect, is unknown.

But if slicing fruit might be your thing, if you have a penchant for fruit related tips delivered by an aged Sensei, or if you have watched The Karate Kid (especially if you were desperate enough to see the Jackie Chan version) – then maybe this is the iOS game for you.

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Review: Fruit Ninja, 8.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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