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Say Halo to Some New Information On a Certain Franchise


In other new, that's potentially the worst pun I've made yet.

Anyway, 343 Studios released some information on the upcoming Halo sequel today - revealing that beloved companion Cortana (the Kazooie to Master Chief's Bandicoot if you will) is dying in the latest game.

Apparently AI constructs have a built-in obsolescence, and the last few years of gallavanting around inside Master Chief's skull (and, for a short time, inside a Flood Hivemind) have taken their toll. Now Cortana's end is fast approaching, which will somehow tie into the events of Halo 4. Previously all we knew about the storyline was that it takes place on an unknown planet, so this gives some structure to the brand new setting.

Personally, I don't understand why they can't patch her software or something and move on with their lives (it seemed to work with my Norton), but then again that's probably conveniently explained away in the early chapters of the game (damn Cortana, looks like I left your re-install disc back on Earth...).

Ofcourse the unspoken question about this whole game is whether 343 Studios can, in anyway, live up to the legacy left behind by Halo's creators and previous developers Bungie. While true fans may be tempted to boycott this whole project in order to show their support for the original team, personally I like games too much to come up with convoluted reasons not to play them before I know whether they are good or not.

Yes, I'm a sell out. That's how this works.

Other information about the new sequel includes that we will finally come face to face with one of the Forerunners, the creators of the rings we keep inadvertently destroying. The multiplayer as well receives an overhaul, apparently centering around a giant spaceship called Infinity - on which you play as a Spartan during the multiplayer games.

There also will be an episodic multiplayer co-op campaign, which will supposedly be updated each week. If so, this would be quite a momentous undertaking, groundbreaking even - and is something for any Halo or co-op game fan to be excited about.

Personally I'll believe it when I see it.

All up theres some interesting things in the works, and I'll be interested to see how 343 Studios can sink or swim with Bungie's lovechild in their hands.

Either way, I'll be there to enjoy the moment.

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