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Snap Deal: Sonic Adventure

sonic adventures on Xbox live and playstation

So I spotted a nice little blast-from-the-past hit of nostalgia on Xbox Live Arcade recently (well maybe it’s been there for a year or so now but I only just remembered what it was) and thought it would be great to highlight my self-diagnosed good fortune in a new segment I’m calling “Snap Deal” – my own little code for something worth snapping up! Although I feel like that implies a limited timeframe and this game likely isn’t going anywhere… Anyway back to the point:

Spotted: Xbox Live/PlayStation Network

The Game: Sonic Adventure

GamePlay: Sonic Adventure is to Sonic what Mario 64 is to Mario, it’s a 3D foray in a series known for exceptional 2D  gameplay  which may not have done quite as well as the debut Mario title on the Nintendo 64 but still manages to tick a lot of my boxes. If you need more specific than that: you are Sonic the Hedgehog. You run around a city unlocking levels of 3D running gameplay where you do loop-de-loops and bounce from point to point collecting rings. It’s an unholy fusion of Mario  + Donkey Kong but with rings and not made by Nintendo.

History: Sonic Adventure was the top selling game on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast and so enjoyed a bit of popularity in the brief window before the Dreamcast capsized and largely dragged Sega down with it. It’s just 90s enough to be hip and yet close enough to the millennium to still be engaging in a non-Pacman kind of way.

Why You Should Care: Since a lot of wary investors dodged the Dreamcast (and quite correctly of them to do so) a lot of people missed out on this game as it was a console-exclusive launch title. Personally I played a little bit on a borrowed Dreamcast back in my youth, so the oldschool appeal is there, but really for any gamer who doesn’t need incredibly modern graphics or gameplay in order to enjoy a great game.

The Price: 400 MS Points / $5.00 AU

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