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Take a Last Look at Skyrim Before You Buy It!


Well I’ve finally taken a break from my Modern Warfare  hate-mongering to talk about a game I actually like and am excited for – The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim!

And it’s only a day away (possibly less pending unconfirmed rumours that JB Hi-Fi in Parramatta or somewhere near there is selling it early) which means this could be your last chance to be visually amazed in the comfort of your own chair before you are ACTUALLY playing the game.

Because watching people do stuff is always more fun than doing it yourself right?

Oh, and for you nay sayers sitting on the wall about this game (as I was about a month ago), here are some of the reasons which helped convinced me this game was a good thing – even though I felt that Oblivion was a bland, meandering and overly generic fantasy RPG.

  • Skyrim has dragons, and they look good. I know this is a cop out for a reason, but after seeing how beautifully animated and naturally moving the dragons are in Skyrim I was partially sold on the spot. So many games try and fail with dragon animations (ironically, Dragon Age: Origins is guilty of this) but from what I’ve seen they have definitely pulled it off.
  • Simplified attribute system. While simplification of any RPG is immediately seen as a bad thing by “serious” RPG players – from what I saw of Oblivion there was definite room for improvement and I like that Bethesda recognised this.
  • Speaking of Bethesda recognising things, they also admitted that Oblivion was a generic fantasy RPG with a fairly weak main story – and said they had focused on improving this for Skyrim. This one move lifted my spirits and opened my heart, while also brought a smug smile to my face by how closely it echoed my thoughts on the matter.
  • “Endless” quest system. Much like Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim employs a quest system which allows for infinitely generating quests after you have completed the main story – which means you could literally play Skyrim forever if you wanted to (which is probably close to the average completion time anyway).
  • Improved spell and weapon effects. In Oblivion, the weapon attacks looked very simulated and repetitive – basically swing, block, swing,  block. Similarly the spells were of the “flashy” but predictable variety – lots of blue/red/green smoke (not counting summoning). But after seeing someone conjure up an entire storm to strike at their enemies (not to mention summoning a dragon to assist you), I didn’t even need to see the improved weapon animations (which look awesome) to be sold on this game.

And in case you need any more reasons, here is an awesome little gameplay video to hold you over until tomorrow – when I will be resigning from my job, breaking up with my girlfriend and moving back into my parents basement for the foreseeable future.

Because you gotta have priorities people.

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