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The Weapons of Modern Warfare 3


Now I’ve made no secret of my feelings for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I’m not a fan.

Not that this automatically means I’m a “hater” or that I spend my time bashing it and attributing every maturity or hostility problem on the internet to it (only about 80%), it just means that I personally will not be buying it. Maybe I’ll play it at a friend’s place. Maybe I’ll play it a netcafe. But unless Activision drops a copy in my lap for no reason whatsoever, I won’t own a copy.

But most of you will.

It’s been heralded as the biggest game release of all time. Which immediately provokes my “that can’t be right” argumentative response, until I realise that it’s probably pretty close to the mark. The only games that could come close would be World of Warcraft and it’s expansions – and I’m pretty sure they fall short of the mark.

So in the interests of a balanced and neutral presentation of information, here is a trailer about the guns you guys (not me) will be experiencing in Modern Warfare 3.

There, that was unbiased and definitely didn’t reek of bitterness and resentment right?


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