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To Bioshock: Infinite, and beyond! …or maybe we’ll stop here awhile.


Now the original Bioshock was dark, morbid and left me with my heart pumping at the end of every level. The second Bioshock was similarly dark and morbid, but for some reason I had lost the mind-melting fear of my own mortality that had so infected me in the original. Maybe it was because I was used to it by then. Maybe it was because instead of Big Daddys I was fighting Big Sisters (everyone knows girls aren’t scary).

Or maybe it was because instead of starting off with only a wrench to fend off crazed drug addicts, I had a huge drill for an arm which literally ripped open stomaches and sprayed blood for a good 6-feet around me. I dunno, those guys didn’t seem as scary when they were flailing on the tip of my drill screaming – maybe it’s just me.

Thematic and mortality issues with Bioshock’s sequel aside, I loved both games. The original Bioshock is probably in my top 5 FPS games of all time and the sequel improved on it in a number of ways (if not in the scary department). So you can understand that when they announced a third Bioshock game – I was pretty excited.

That was until I heard that it wasn’t really a Bioshock game at all. The developers said (and I’m paraphrasing/definitely-not-quoting) that they were originally going to make a completely different game, but then they realised it didn’t make much sense to completely redo all of their UI and weapons and power-ups only to make another FPS. So instead, they slapped a Bioshock sticker on their new game and made it a little less of a new game and kind of a Bioshock/New Project/Jekyl/Hyde scenario.

Disappointed? So was I. At first. Then I began to hear news about what was, for all intents and purposes, an awesome new game. A game called Bioshock: Infinite.

Set in a decaying floating city that seems on the verge of destruction (see: the exact opposite of Rapture) with a strong commitment to character and the relationship between the player’s character and the other characters in the game (see: the exact opposite of “faceless” Jack) backed by an assortment of kick-ass weapons, kick-ass powers and various other kickasseries (see: exactly the same as Bioshock).

Now some people have said things like: “This isn’t Bioshock, there’s no Rapture!” or “A flying city this time? They are so out of ideas” or “Bioshock killed my father, and raped my mother!” (that last one may have been me/Family Guy) and to be honest, I had similar concerns. Until I saw footage of this game. And then all I could think was “You have my unwavering trust and devotion. Here is my money. Where/when can I sign up to your newsletter/have your babies?”.

Maybe I’m overselling it, but this game seriously looks amazing. From solid Bioshock-style weapon and power-play to an unimaginable (as in, I couldn’t have imagined it) floating city which seems at least partially populated by robots (woo! Robots!) all of which is bubbling with the city’s political intrigue and fuelled by your association with some form of a runaway science project (I'm grasping at straws but when I see a girl with crazy powers running from a huge demon of sorts, I just guess it's science’s fault).

But it’s not the “big” concepts which have sold me on Bioshock: Infinite so far. It’s the nifty, little things which will make the game play memorable. Like, say, riding on a rollercoaster track while only attached by a wheel coming out of your sleeve and while shooting (/beating with a wrench) people in the distance (/right up close). Or the “tears” (rhymes with bear, not with fear) which add an extra dimension (literally) to the gameplay, giving you dynamic choices about which objects to bring into the level (should I bring in a door in that wall? What about that giant carriage to take cover behind? Or… a fire hydrant? Fire hydrant it is.). Or just the added power combinations and combat scenarios which are created by giving you an accomplice in the game (let’s face it, Rapture got very lonely sometimes. Especially when people were jumping out of coffins/running around on fire. Also, I was in a lot of bedrooms.).

Unfortunately Bioshock: Infinite is still pegged in for a “sometime” in 2012 release but it’s definitely one of the games I am looking forward to the most.

Below I’ve put together a small collection of all the Bioshock: Infinite game videos which have been released so far (well not ALL of them, just the awesome ones). The first one was the debut trailer, the second is 9 minutes of gameplay they released awhile ago and the last one is 15 minutes of gameplay which was only released last weekend by GTTV. Enjoy.

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