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Top 5: Arrows of All Time

archer world of warcraft

I’ve written on here before that 2013 seemed for gaming to be a year of the bow. From Tomb Raider to Crisis 3 in the past year to Skyward Sword and Skyrim in the years before it, plenty of games have shown us just how amazingly fun bows can be – and how versatile it is as a weapon.

But today I thought I’d go the other way with it, and take a look at some of my favourite arrows (and arrow-abilities) of all time.

After all the archer is only as good as the arrow. Or something like that.

5. Binding Arrow – World of Warcraft

binding arrow
Coming in at number 5, the Binding Arrow from the hunter class of World of Warcraft is an odd choice but quickly became one of my favourite abilities when I tried the class during the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Basically you target the arrow at an area, tethering any enemies nearby together to the spot the arrow landed. If any of them stray too far from the arrow, the tether breaks stunning them all for a few seconds. Solid for PvP but amazing for large groups of mobs in Challenge Modes or PvE content – basically just a great arrow all around.

4. Fire Arrow – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

fire arrow legend of zelda

And right from my childhood, comes back the classic Fire Arrow of old. Useful for burning spider webs, melting ice and plain old lighting people on fire – this little beauty made hours of hunting birds for skillshots to settle who was the better archer out of me and my brother slightly less tiresome. Mainly it was just a solid tie-in to a solid ability that only got more useful as the game progressed.

3. Shatter Arrow – Diablo 3


I know, I know. The ultimate taboo is to use Diablo 3 in a top anything list but I have to say that the Shatter Arrow upgrade for the Hungering Arrow ability really caught my eye with its practicality. I mean, your Hungering Arrow starts with a 35% chance to penetrate, and the Shatter splits it into 3 more when this procs. But then those arrows also have a chance to penetrate, and a chance to split. So and so forth, basically you are shooting dozens of arrows in a myriad of directions all at the same time – and god do you look amazing doing it. Sorry guys, I have to give my props to Diablo 3 this time. That was a good call.

2. Frost Arrow – Defence of the Ancients


Another one from my early teens but one I still face on a daily basis, the dreaded Frost Arrow of the Drow Ranger. Now this arrow is deadly in its simplicity, basically just apply a 11%/ /24%/37%/60% slow to your enemy (depending on rank) for 1.5 seconds. But the high attack damage and attack speed of Drow are what make this arrow the bane of all retreating enemies, turning a well-staged retreat into a killing spree time after time. I swear this one ability must count for like a 10th of all DotA kills of all time, and yet I can’t help but respect it.

1. Torque Arrow – Gears of War


And the top spot goes to an arrow I still dread to think of: The Torque Arrow from Gears of Wars’ Torque Bow. Another simple one for the records, it basically just explodes several seconds after lodging into your target; be it a wall, ceiling or enemy flesh. The delay accompanied by the sickening thud of wet flesh being penetrated made me fear for my life in multiplayer, often exclaiming “Where did tha-“ shortly before exploding due to a well-timed hit. At its core level, it’s both deadly and inventing – as well as being damn fun to use.

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