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Top 5: Most Annoying Heroes in DOTA 2

dota 2 heroes

There are over a hundred heroes in DOTA 2, and as anyone could probably work out, they all have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to having a game. However, there are some heroes on that list of a hundred or so crazy characters that are particularly adept at making my blood boil (and no that isn’t another name for Bloodseeker’s Ultimate).

I should probably clarify that title, when I say most annoying I’m talking more specifically about the heroes you hate to see on the enemy team – and that you cringe when you see them in your lane. These are the heroes which haunt the All Pick game type to the point that some people (like myself) turn off the option when they are matchmaking – just to avoid the increased chance at running into one of the people on this list. They are picked quickly and often and I see them way too much for my liking, so settle back and enjoy my list of the top 5 most annoying heroes (I guess I should probably say in my opinion) from DOTA 2.

5. Drow Ranger

Ah Drow, the hero who plays as much like a cold bitch as she looks like one in game. Not only is Drow one of the most powerful agility carrys in the game, but she has a toolkit which is designed to be rage inducing – with few weaknesses and a large assortment positive benefits she brings to her team. Not only does she have a targetable AoE (area of effect) silence and an aura increasing her teams ranged damage mapwide – but she also gets an Orb of Skadi built in to her attack, so she never has to worry about anyone outrunning her on the field. On top of this, she has to be the most picked hero in the game – so get used to that face boys and girls, because Drow is here to stay.

4. Huskar

I’m honestly surprising myself by placing Huskar so low on this list, because man that guy is annoying as hell. He’s a high damage/reward hero, meaning that you have to be willing to take risks in order to get the kills, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t seem like he is 90% reward in every game I play. First there is his flaming spear DoT (damage over time) which is possibly the best harassing ability in the game, then there is absurd attack speed/spell resistance passive which scales as he loses health. Go home intelligence heroes, your spells are no good here. Then he gets a leap + nuke for an ultimate, completing a toolset which is basically designed to make you smash your keyboard after he jumps you from the jungle.

3. Ursa

I almost put Ursa in Huskar’s spot (because I really don’t like Huskar) but then I remembered that I absolutely loathe this hero and had a quick mental spiral of how many times I’ve been annoyed by his mere existence within a match – regardless of whether I’m winning or losing. It’s not only the fact that he can solo Roshan so early in the game and basically keeps Roshan locked down (if the Ursa is half decent) for the entire game – it’s that his ludicrous attack speed unique attack modifier makes him virtually unkillable by a rival melee hero once he picks up a Vladimir’s Offering (unless you are VERY fed or have a lot of stuns). The fact that he is countered by almost any escape ability in the game doesn’t make me feel any better when he has just RAMPAGE’d my entire team without dropping below half health, and for that reason he gets locked in at number 3.

2. Pudge

Oh wow we are in annoying territory now with the most obvious hero to be on this list – Pudge. Man this is the hero who makes or breaks friendships, with a sharper skill curve than most but when played by someone who knows what they are doing – this guy destroys teams. And it’s all on one ability, dat Meat Hook. It’s literally the best damage/isolation ability in the game, not only cleaving through your hp but also taking you away from your team and likely stunned by Dismember into a Rot cloud. I think I can honestly say there are two kinds of DOTA 2 players, people who hate Pudge and people who play Pudge. And that basically speaks for itself.

1. Spirit Breaker

Annnnnd (lack of a drumroll) my most annoying hero is none other than Spirit Breaker, the only hero on this list whose name actually accurately describes the feeling he gives me after I lose a match to him. It barely needs to be said but Spirit Breaker is a fast and heavy ganker, with a Basher built in and a charge which lets race across the map to gank anyone he wants – with a confirmed bash on two of his abilities. He couldn’t be easier to play and the stunlock is stupid easy to achieve, making my losses against him even more annoying as I fully understand the ease with which I am being defeated. DOTA 2 would be a different game without Spirit Breaker, but I have to say I sometimes fantasise about him (and the rest of this list) being removed from a game mode or two – just to see how it feels.

Anyway that’s my list of five of the more annoying heroes in DOTA 2. Disagree with me? Go ahead and post up your least favourite opponents and the reasons why below so we can argue about it later. Meanwhile, I’m off to get hooked into a SB charge while Drow slows me, Huskar DoTs me and Ursa solos Roshan in the background.

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