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UPDATE: Hackers calling it quits?

hacker and mother hacker

Anyone who is still worried about hackers (I’m looking at you, anyone who owns a PS3) might be able to breathe easy after a storm of articles about the key figures in hacking stepping down, so to speak, from their reign of terror.

As I summarised in my opinion article about hackers, this whole avalanche was set off by Sony deciding to punish a little twig called George “GeoHot” Hotz over jail breaking his Playstation 3 so that it would run with Linux software, and then filming his success and showing others how to as well.

Although the law suit was thought to be somewhere around $100 million dollars, it seems now that not only is it not going ahead against “Geohot”, but he’s managed to swing a job at Google as well. That’s right kids, don't study hard and work your way up the corporate ladder – stay in your mother’s basement and hack your way into a dream career!

But in all seriousness, not all hacking ends so successfully. With reports of a group of hackers in Italy numbering somewhere around 30 being arrested, I would guess that they didn’t enjoy their time quite so much as honest George.

Lulzsec, the group that those 30 hackers supposedly belonged to (although Lulzsec has maintained that there are only 5 of them, and none of them have been arrested) has also put up a white flag. In traditional Lulzsec style, they published a rant about how they had always intended to go for 50 days of hacking “for the lulz” and now that those are over they are calling it quits. Whether or not this was prompted by the heavy police reaction they caused is unclear (last time I checked, the CIA was on the case).

Another hacker, Ryan Cleary, was arrested in Ireland earlier this month, much to the shock of his mum and dad who claimed “all he did was stay in his room, he said he was playing games” which I think we all know means “I just thought he was looking at porn”. However, he has been released to house arrest after it came out that he suffered from Autism, now he is only allowed out while with his mother and, worst of all, he is allowed NO INTERNET ACCESS (a fate worse than death).

So all the major players seem to be gone. No one has heard from Anonymous for awhile, but it’s fairly likely they are still out there righting wrongs and raging on forums, but other than them all the major commotion-creators are either arrested or retired.

Is a new “golden age” of gaming approaching?

Sure, right up until another asshat with a keyboard stumbles upon one of the thousands of news articles about hacking recently and pulls a Kevin Federline: asking himself “Mirror-mirror on the wall, how can I be more of a douche today?”

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