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Updating… DotA 2, Borderlands 2, RAGE, Gotham City Imposters

Dota2 Update

Well here we are again: another Monday morning, another batch of gaming news released over the weekend that I haven’t posted about yet. This week’s “Updating…” is a bit of weird one for a number of reasons. Firstly, two out of three (well, technically four) games are exactly the same games I updated you on last week (Borderlands 2, RAGE). Secondly, for a couple of games (not the same two) I’m showing off some brand new screenshots as opposed to any real details about the games. And thirdly, because I felt it was going down a weird road and I should just go for it, the last game isn’t even an update! It’s just a trailer for a cool little XBLA/PSN title (called Gotham City Imposters) that I didn’t want to write a full article about.

Can you tell my commitment to a stock-and-standard format for my articles is waning a little? Yeah, I thought you might have picked that up.

Firstly let’s take a look at some screenshots which are supposedly (that means, if they aren’t real you can't complain) from Valve’s sequel to the much loved Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne player-made mod Defense of the Ancients. I recently learned that this sequel has the legendary DotA modifier IceFrog as its lead designer (which basically makes this as close to an official sequel we are ever going to get).

While they don’t exactly reveal much, they show off some graphics which are looking a lot more Heroes of Newerth than League of Legends. We can see from the minimap that the basic map structure is looking the same and that dragon in screenshot #3 looks like a potential Roshan-equivalent. For any more details we will have to wait for the tournament at Gamescom later this month.

Moving on, here are some part-concept art part-screenshots from Borderlands 2. Considering we only heard this game existed little over a week ago, I think they will be a welcome sight for any Borderlands enthusiasts.

Some things I’m sure you will notice are GRASS (wtf?!) and SNOW (omgbbq?!) in other words, the same bland sceneries of Borderlands are (hopefully) gone. I’ll be marking that as “point one for me” on my list of 10 Borderlands improvements. Also, if you take a second look at screenshot #2 you can make out the dual-gun-wielding skillz of Salvador the Dwarf. Yeah, I can’t make this shit up.

Alright, by now you are probably bored of reading and looking at pretty pictures and you want some kickass gaming video-action right? I hear that. So here is the latest Dev Diary from RAGE, where it reminds us that if a man can pretend to be sharing a bed with Roseanne for 9 seasons – he can probably survive the apocalypse.

John Goodman, you made the ultimate sacrifice in return for bringing us some sitcom-flavoured lols. We thank you.

And finally, to round out this lovely Monday morning (who couldn’t like Mondays?) I thought I’d bring you guys something new. Some gameplay from a Team Fortress 2-style shooter which puts you in the role of all those guys who aren’t Batman (and/or The Joker) but wanna be!

Zany weapons, ridiculous costumes and all the ZAP! BLAM! KERPOW! you can stomach. Honestly, I think it looks pretty good.




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